Rest In Peace First Lady Of Hip-Hop

News that a young hip-hop artist Sarona Motlhagodi popularly known as Sasa Klaas, died in a helicopter crush hit the airwaves on Saturday to many's disbelieve! Media of course rushed to publish the news even before relevant authorities could confirm.

Many people were expressing their sadness, and many were equally hoping that it was just a hoax, and that an announcement would come shortly that the news was not true. Different media outlets across the country and outside the country broke the news, while waiting to confirm information and update their articles as information became available. Celebrities unfortunately don't enjoy the same privacy that private citizens enjoy, and sadly every Jack and Jill immediately becomes an expert on their life or rather say way of life. Sasa Klaas was only 27 years old, and she had accomplished a lot for someone her age, but unfortunately the fact of the matter is celebrities whether alive or dad, with have those fans love them dearly and will there will always be those who dedicate their lives to criticising and policing the artist's personal life. While we all have freedom of speech, we have to also act like responsible compassionate citizens when a tragedy like this strikes. A loss of life is always painful to close relatives and friends of the deceased, hence we sometimes have to restrain ourselves when sharing our messages of condolences. Sasa Klaas managed to stamp her authority in the music industry at a very tender age, and she was still growing, experiencing life and learning from her mistakes, and as such there is no need to harsh words and judgemental statements on her life. Often regarded as Botswana's first lady of hip-hop Sasa Klaas at the time of her death had accomplished much more than other people will ever in their life time. Sasa Klaas' hip-hop career took off when she collaborated with one of the respected hip-hop artists, Thato Matlhabaphiri popularly known as Scar on a song titled 'A Ke Mo Khande'. Her first solo single Hadson was releases through the Spirit of Fancy Path Music Group (FPMG). Over the years, she continued to release a number of singles including 'Mmamongwati' which gained a lot of popularity very quickly. The song became a hit amongst Batswana of different age groups. She did many other things including a stint as a presenter on Highly Inappropriate with Phat Joe on Moja Lilve. She also presented 'The Foundation: Next Level' on eBotswana from 2011 to 2012. These are just some of her accomplishments, most of which she managed to do a very tender age! Rest well the first lady of hip-hop, while you may not be physically around your legacy will live on. Your music will be there for generations to come!

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