Councillor Amon is a shame to all of us

One of the most interesting stories of our time was not broken by a newspaper, or radio or TV station.

It was broken by a Facebook community, using all the tactics they can muster to drive the message home and clear.

It is the story of a Sebina ward councillor Kemmonye Amon impregnating a schoolgirl, who was chased from school on Friday.

While we cannot vouch that certain details that have been leaked on Facebook may be factual, what is undeniable is that the councillor has made a schoolgirl pregnant.

This is not to argue whether the councillor has committed defilement or not.  As a councillor, who is seen widely as the political leader of the area, the most visible political leader in the ward, who is in every development committee of the area, whose name is the first to be remembered in any local development project or community activity, including weddings and funerals and school activities, there is no doubt the role and societal expectations of a councillor like Amon, is one of respectable, honourable, morally upright, and generally above reproach.

We would like to speak to councillor Amon’s own conscience, to consider the effects of what he has done, the effects of his doings on the credibility of his name, or if his name does not matter that much to him, he should consider his actions for the sake of his political party, under whose ticket he stood and won in the Sebina constituency.

When you are in certain positions, certain indulgences should be seen to be out of reach for an area councillor, and one of those is sleeping around with school girls, while your duty should be to discourage the villagers who do those filthy activities from such.

Education of a rural girl child especially is very important, and for a councillor to be seen to be preying on poor rural girls destroying their future, and seeing them as objects of his sexual fantasy is more than disgusting whatever way one may look at it.

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