Avoid Road Accidents

In this publication, we carry a story where the Police are expressing concern over increased road accidents.

One would expect that since movement is restricted due to COVID-19 regulations, there would be fewer fatalities on the road. Still, we lose a lot of people due to road accidents. According to the Police, most road accidents are attributed to motorists' bad attitude. The Police can sensitise motorists on road safety and other campaigns, but people must change their behaviour on the roads to stay alive. A lot of the accidents reported could have been avoided if drivers respected road signs at all times. Where traffic lights are not working drivers do not appear to want to take turns as it is supposed to be done. This leads to accidents and we do not seem to learn.

We also call on drivers to exercise extra caution when driving at the newly installed traffic lights as they seem confusing at times. Drivers should be vigilant and not just say they have the right of way as it is at times shared. This has led to many accidents and could claim more lives. It is also a known fact that drinking alcohol while driving can lead to accidents. People, however, continue to drink heavily and speed putting the lives of many at risk. Drinking from home will not only avoid accidents but also reduces the risk of contracting COVID-19 from other people. We also call on authorities to fix roads as they contribute to some of the accidents that claim lives. The authorities should use available money from the Roads fund for its purpose. Countries around the country are very bad yet money from the fund is sometimes used for other purposes.

We further call on the government and contractors working on traffic lights to do better in ensuring that they are always functioning properly. This will go a long way in preserving lives that otherwise could be lost on the roads.

Authorities should also work with farmers on a solution to keep livestock away from the roads. These continue to cause accidents that could have been avoided. Individuals should also ensure the good health of their cars. Ensuring their good state can help avoid accidents emanating from something that could have been detected while being serviced. Road safety is the responsibility of all and if we all play our part we can stay alive on the road.

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