Understanding Earns Life An Upbeat Groove - A Key For Unlocking Greatness

There is a story of an assemblage of people who came up with an assignment to build a tall tower with efforts to meet their Highest Spiritual Power.

The story narrates that they were all speaking the same language and during their preliminary days, they were successful in starting the mission. While they were busy at it, their tongues netted alien languages, differing one from each another.

Confusion, frustration and miscalculations began to loom and dominated their environment and efforts, thus limited the mission and it was aborted. The pre-set goal was never achieved.

Understanding is a very key component in our lives. It is a cognitive condition amongst people, moreover, the knowledge or comprehension of situations and/ or the environment around us.

It is an element very vital to identify risks, threats, opportunities, culture and how to position yourself counter to all the latter for guaranteed success. We all want to be successful in all that we venture into and success requires one to be thoughtful. Understanding is the highest form of maturity.

Understanding digests the complexity of circumstances and renders appropriate solutions. We need to establish a clear self-understanding basis that will lead us to places of favour, that is, opportunities socially, spiritually and even economically.

Self-understanding encompasses knowing your self-worth and self-value which will project a strong logic of self-confidence and self-esteem hence an unshakeable sense of self-efficacy.

This is due to being aware of your emotional stature and how it influences your attitude and ultimately your character. Your purpose is placed between your character and it entails understanding to unleash it and live it.

If one understands the acceptable behaviour patterns of their society and adhere to them, they will build a strong sense of integrity. Integrity is the magnet for opportunities.

Can you send a person, who is commonly known and/ or have a record to be a thief, to the bank to deposit P50, 000 on your behalf? The answer is prone to be a big “NO” because you understand that they may flee with your money and not deposit as instructed. But it will be a big “YES” if the person sent to be bank is trustworthy and always reliable. 

Therefore, integrity is a combination of being trustworthy, reliable and good character and these can be established through understanding.

Wisdom opens doors of possibilities and it is the well understood knowledge acquired either through experiences or learning. It makes everything to make sense and distinguish one from multitudes; uniqueness.

For a company to be successful, it will never recruit a less qualified individual, furthermore, who has no experience within the industry the company operates in nor can a soccer team hire a coach who has played squash for the rest of their life to manage it.

What the company or soccer team does, is to screen through the job applicants and select the candidate who is more appropriate and befitting.

That is determined by the candidates’ understanding of the respective environment.

A marriage or relationship needs understanding to prosper, that is, the appreciative of body language of the other party, their speech configuration, their likes and dislikes and/ or religion/ beliefs.

The very first thing that one learns in a new environment is the language basics because they are essential to their survival and it earns them recognition from the native people of that particular society.

Businesses continually strive to understand their environment of operation so that they stay relevant and profitable. This is achieved through the SWOT ANALYSIS; Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

Since the market- world is dominantly adopting and operating digitally due to the ever emerging and evolving technologies, business initiate online services to allow the consumers to purchase goods and services at their convenient times without queuing for lengthy hours at the stores or business institutions.

For instance, banks have provided online banking services and CIPA has introduced business registrations through their website.

If you miss any edition of Mmegi newspaper, you have an opportunity as a customer to read it online. You can purchase an electronic copy of my book called 50 SHOTS OF COLOUR on KINDLE AMAZON.

Understanding is the most important aspect of our lives and enables continuity in our lives. It gives our lives sound and rhythm, furthermore, a compass that leads to greatness. Strive to understand in all circumstances.

Kealeboga Ronald Ngwigwa is an Author, Motivational Speaker, Radio Feature Presenter, Events DC and Humanitarian who believes that there is greatness to be unleashed in all of us. Contact him on [email protected] or +26773791677 for bookings.

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