Moments Of The Cup In Making

Soil is treasure. Despite the excessive heat, potters extract clay soil with a vision of a company enjoying a cup of hot beverages.

The clay soil is very dense than any type of soil.

After the mining, water is added to enable the moulding, which is carried out on the spinning wheel. The shape of the cup is inspired by the melodies and harmonies potters sing while swimming in the passion for their art. If there is a mistake, they break the mould and start re- moulding.

Once the cup mould is perfect, delicate and vulnerable, there is fierce fire that has been burning constantly at 1,000 Degrees Celsius (°C) for days waiting to host the cup mould for 48 hours. Even though passion and ambition fuelled the creation of the cup mould, the process of heating the cup cannot be avoided.

It is the most crucial part of the process because it solidifies the particles of the cup mould. Finally the cup is taken out and let to cool, painted beautifully and engraved a beautiful message that soothes the soul; “Good morning Courageous Soldier.”

We are all cups in our own right and each moment, time moulds our character through diverse and unique life incidents. These incidents test our emotional adaptability and strength. Emotions build up an attitude that ultimately builds character.

Character is recognised and established during a phase of pain. Pain is therefore necessary for us to unleash our potential. It should not break us. Although the cups are burnt, they remain patient and persevere because they know the ultimate prize.

We must understand that pain is temporary. The cup cannot be in the fire forever. It has to come out, wear a new colour and unite families, friends or colleagues through a sip of hot beverages.

The ability you have is impeccable and you can withstand any test at 1,000 °C. In fact, the heat earns you wisdom. The wisdom will give you purpose and the direction of your life thus conceive greatness in you. Actions build legacy that we shall one day talk about sharing a cup of hot beverages.

Do not ever despair about any situation that you are facing, it may be; going through a divorce, dropped out of school, raped, have had a car accident, unemployed etc. Each of the challenges you face grows your skin to be thick thus earn you the ability to withstand any gloomy situation in the future. It activates your senses to be alert to any environmental or social provocations.

The battle of absorbing and embracing pain happens in the mind even though the perception is clouded by constant turbulent emotions. The pain becomes unbearable because the mind has not accepted the reality of pain and establishes your worth as an individual. If the mind accepts the pain, peace is automatically rendered hence better judgement is executed. 

We need to celebrate pain as when it occurs in our lives. It is testimony that you are living, unlike those who are at the cemetery. They do not feel anything unlike us. Each time we conquer we earn a star of greatness. The denser the pain, the brighter you shine at the end of it all. Pain in its nature is temporary, regardless of how sophisticated it may appear.

Take a deep breath and realign your thinking since it is the only way to escape negative thoughts. When you subdue to positive thinking, it will be easy to establish a strong sense of self- worth and develop a bulldozer spirit that enables you to resist the fire and emerge victorious and glorious at the end mark. It just needs your patience and perseverance. The weak break in the fire.

You ought to be focused and determined. The journey is too challenging but it does not mean it cannot be attained. Face the fire and harvest growth. Confidence intimidates negativity and drives you to glory. Do not beat yourself down, celebrate every challenge.

* Kealeboga Ronald Ngwigwa is an Author, Motivational Speaker, Radio Feature Presenter, Events DC and Humanitarian who believes that there is greatness to be unleashed in all of us. Contact him on [email protected] or call +26773791677 for bookings or What’s App +26771830584. Facebook page: Coloring Souls with Kealeboga Ronald Ngwigwa. LinkedIn: Kealeboga Ronald Ngwigwa. Instagram: #ColoringSouls.

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