Boasa Brands pioneers healthy snack solutions in Botswana

Boago Serumola
Boago Serumola

At a time when many graduates mourn at lack of job opportunities, young Food Science and Technology graduate, Boago Serumola, has chosen a different approach of starting her own business to employ herself and others. Instead of her queuing to hand in her job application letter, Serumola decided to set up Boasa Brands, a business that processes foods and packages fresh ones. She is using the skills she learnt at the Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (BUAN) to create these recipes and stand tall in the market.

As things stands in the budding Botswana’s entrepreneurial landscape, Boasa Brands stands out as a beacon of innovation and quality in the food industry. Founded by the visionary food technologist, the company has swiftly garnered a reputation for delivering superior, health-conscious snacks that cater to the evolving preferences of consumers. Serumola said in an interview that her business was established in 2021 after lockdown.

She revealed that before she started the production of dried fruits she was into farming then later on after COVID-19, slow production forced her to think of a venture where she could use her profession to make a living. Her company, which operates from LEA Incubator in Pilane, specialises in both fresh produce and processed foods. Boasa Brands has carved a niche with its assortment of mixed dried fruits, raisins, banana chips, and mango strips, which have become household favourites. What sets these products apart is their uncompromising quality—free from added sugars and preservatives, ensuring a natural and healthy snacking option. “I get my supplies from local farmers and sometimes at Sefalana. And when it’s winter I import my fruits from South Africa because during winter the production of fruits in Botswana is low. “Currently I have two full time employees and two part timers and another two at my farm at Rasesa,” she told Business Monitor. Serumola, a graduate of BUAN, leverages her academic expertise to drive the innovation and quality control that Boasa Brands is known for. Equally, her commitment to excellence is evident in every product that leaves the company’s facility.

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