The tapestry of life

The air felt weighted. I struggled to stay upright in my chair. Had the rules of physics changed, or were we on a different planet? I heard sounds. Sounds that were coherent and articulate, and yet they somehow felt muted. I felt a rhythmic pulse, and realised my heart was racing. I was oblivious to its destination. As I scanned the room, it seemed familiar and alien all at once.

Through the sonic haze I suddenly heard, “Our next speaker is Fahim Chand.” My legs seemed to carry me to the front of the classroom on their own. I recognised every single face in the crowd. We had laughed and grown together but at this moment they felt like strangers. I brushed away my nervousness and began to speak. As my now captive audience were deeply engaged in my speech about tsunamis, I felt my muscles loosen their grip on my body and psyche. I realised I was actually enjoying myself. I completed my commentary to thunderous applause. As it turned out, my speech was named the best in the class that year. Not bad for a little African boy from Lobatse, born with a stutter.

I had one person to thank, my mother. She was the one who tirelessly moulded a terrified young boy into somebody who conquered his fears and charged confidently into the world. In the tapestry of life, mothers weave an irreplaceable thread that shapes the very essence of our existence. From the moment of conception, they embark on a remarkable journey, nurturing life within their womb. They cradle dreams, hopes, and aspirations, imparting love, wisdom, and strength to their children. Motherhood, with its boundless joys and challenges, is a sacred calling that deserves to be honoured and celebrated. Hence, every year, we come together on Mother’s Day to pay homage to these extraordinary beings who touch our lives in countless ways.

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