Good Bye

Over three years ago, in November 2018, I had published my book, Dive In. The book was an in-depth study on how to read and apply the Bible to every day situations for a more abundant life. Surprisingly, there was a lot of wonderful feedback to that book.

You can still purchase that book for P100. Contact details below. Countless people expressed interest and desire to understand God’s plan for their life and how to discern His will. Soon, I was invited to begin a weekly column here in The Monitor to teach these principles on a regular basis. After prayer, I agreed to write this column every week at no charge simply because of my deep love for Batswana and my core belief that knowledge is power.

To write a column every single week and not get paid for three years is a serious commitment but I cheerfully took this on hoping if even just one person could be encouraged by this column that it was worth it. I truly believe that God has laid out a wonderful plan for us in His Word, and it is an honour to be an ambassador of His Truth. Sadly, as I looked around, I realised many were teaching a self-centered gospel full of conditions of paying money and respect to an unhealthy elevated “person of God” rather than humbly pointing people away from any person here on earth and rather towards the Almighty Saviour. The aim of this column was to take common questions many people had in regards to trials we all face and problems we all see in the world and analyse them from the Biblical perspective. Over the past three years, we have tackled subjects such as corruption, Gender-Based-Violence, Hearing God in modern times, rape, marriage, parenting, business, depression, living with integrity, absentee fathers, substance abuse, death, COVID, submission, politics, leadership, misconceptions about Christianity being boring, tips on how to live a more fulfilling life, hypocrites, what a healthy church looks like, widows, and a myriad of other topics. Most of those articles are archived on the Mmegi website if you would like to go back and read any of those.

Editor's Comment
Bravo, Matlala JSS for recognising employees!

Last Friday, Matlala Junior Secondary School (JSS) in Tlokweng did just that – they organised an event to honour their teachers and support staff. This gesture is truly commendable, as teachers occupy a pivotal role in the lives of our children.To be completely candid, teachers are the ones who shape our children from a very tender age, investing a significant amount of time in their growth and development. It's not uncommon to hear parents...

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