Silence- fence around wisdom

Can pregnancy materialize on an open place? We only, can see the evidence, which is not certain that indeed, it is pregnancy. Pregnancy can be confused with Cirrhosis disease.

We can be sure if the bearer would confess it, more especially, after necessary tests have been satisfied. Otherwise, the procreation of the fetus happens within the body and no one else can see whether it is a baby boy or girl, or twins, triplets or quadrats. Each one of us is pregnant of good and positive yields in our individual lives. Pregnancy is herein, used in the context of “EXPECTATIONS”.

However, the question is; how many of us has had or have their expectations/ pregnancy unfold in their physical life? There is nothing as beautiful as having an impactful idea, vision or aspirations. Whatever picture we build in our minds somehow validate our worth within the society we inhabit. They give us a strong sense of self- efficacy; self- esteem and self- believe which at time throw us on a great wave of jubilance, which mostly urge us to want to disclose the pregnancy before it could mature up. We share our excitement while the process has not started or still at infancy stages.

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Tighten the law on drug dealers

Our youth are perishing; their once hopeful bright future is going down the drain; all because of illicit drugs.It is very easy to blame the addict, but it is not as simple as that! Drug dealing is a very lucrative business for some shameless people amongst our society and as such they have come up with tight strategies on how to push their business.Drug addiction is bad, and while the individual on drugs sometimes might have been the one who...

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