Morning Onuses- Keys That Shape Happiness And Productivity During The Day

As the seconds of the day pass, our souls feel to engage in a desert mode, we experience dryness and our day does not pan out the way we desire.

We often console ourselves by saying I woke up on the wrong side of my bed. We become unapproachable due to our grumpiness and uptightness. Emotions are all skating on thin ice, and we are exposed to a vulnerable state. Do you ever wonder why we feel like that? At the beginning of your day, that is, after waking up, there are a few key acts/onuses that we ought to fulfil before we depart our nests. These help us to position ourselves in a posture that busks us to positive energy. It is imperative to appreciate the presence of grace in our lives. Grace gives us an opportunity to experience another day and that it will enable events to unfold in our lives in order to proper us.

This helps us to activate the grace around us and makes opportunities easily recognisable. The grace activation is done through prayer. Prayer does not have to be al decorated and very long. It can just be; “Thank you for grace and an opportunity to live Lord”. It only takes less than five seconds to say that. Secondly, it is imperative to make up your bed immediately after waking up and thanking grace.

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