Delux oddity- selfish is ordinance

Dear Coach, I have only one child, a boy I love so dearly. I separated with his father a few years ago and the entire predicament has somehow disturbed my son emotionally and even psychologically. When the divorce happened he was young and we kept on tossing him between places since we had shared custody for him. It was until his father got married to another woman when he started feeling out of place when he visited him since wife spoke negatively towards him all the time. He stopped going to his father’s house. I wasn’t financially stable at the time and couldn’t provide for him the ways we used to prior our divorce. He started indulging in intoxicants. I also started to speak negativity on his life and chasing him out of my house. He is so hooked on drugs and I don’t know what to do anymore to save him from the drugs doom. Please help us Coach. Yours, Anonymous

Dear Anonymous, Parents are always the role models for their children. What our parents do, is what we eventually become and we are tamed according to how parents culture their upbringing.

So, if things go south between parents, children can sense that and get devastated. It is unfortunate that, as parents we overlook these facts and just reduce them to not understanding matters. “They are still young thus do not see nor comprehend what is going on”. Well, they have all five senses and the senses are actively working.

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Tighten the law on drug dealers

Our youth are perishing; their once hopeful bright future is going down the drain; all because of illicit drugs.It is very easy to blame the addict, but it is not as simple as that! Drug dealing is a very lucrative business for some shameless people amongst our society and as such they have come up with tight strategies on how to push their business.Drug addiction is bad, and while the individual on drugs sometimes might have been the one who...

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