An Idle Mind Bears Spiteful Capsules- Stagnation

Stagnation is a place of sorrow and very unpleasant to humans. Nobody wants to experience it because it is a place where dead dreams live. The dreams are dead because their source, the mind, is distorted and disorientated.

The mind is weaker than the situation encountered in life. When the mind is derailed from its forward fueling state, one starts to lose their esteem and eventually have the lowest sense of self-efficacy. The mind is the most integral part in our prosperity. The progression of our aspirations are determined by whether we embrace negative or positive thoughts. We are decisions of our thoughts, that is, whatever we entertain is what we act upon and that develops an attitude which shapes our overall behavior; our culture.

This attests to the fact that the mind is the driver of our lives. Stagnation is a result yielded by an idle mind. An idle mind is dominated by a negative thought process. It is unfortunate that there is no place as dark as a negative mind, therefore, you cannot do life changing events in the dark. You cannot cook nor knit in the dark. A mind that is negative spends most of its time complaining and blaming others or situations encountered for things going bad for them. This denies the mind an opportunity to explore its thought exploitation breath-width and yield life- changing solutions. Negative or irrational thoughts are the barricade between you and greatness.

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