Blueberry yum yum. Blueberry Loaf is a delightful and versatile baked treat that combines the sweet and tangy flavours of blueberries with a soft and moist bread base. Whether enjoyed for breakfast, as a snack, or as a dessert, blueberry loaf is a great choice for those craving a burst of fruity goodness in every bite.

I will be sharing tips for achieving the perfect texture and flavour, discuss variations and additions to customise your recipe, and highlight the health benefits of incorporating blueberries into your baking. Blueberries, often described as a super food, are not only delicious but also packed with an overabundance of health benefits. From their rich nutritional profile to their powerful antioxidants, these small yet mighty berries can be a flavourful addition to your diet while boosting your well-being. You can whip up this easy recipe in less than 10 minutes and you don’t even need a mixer! The batter is just thick enough to prevent the berries from sinking to the bottom of the pan (which no one likes!). This batter ensures a loaf that is studded with juicy blueberries all the way. Another great thing about this Blueberry loaf is that it keeps fresh for days and can also be frozen. Perfect on those busy school mornings for quick breakfast or to include in your #mopako101 alongside your choice of Danone product. I bought a tub of blueberries the other day with intentions of making muffins or this very loaf. Only to get home and it hit me that my oven blew a fuse a couple of days ago.

Our first born, Leboko, was very excited to look into the now opened plug, as he could identify all the different components, which he is currently learning about in his science school work. As he went on about the earth wire and the live and neutral, I was proud of the boy but couldn’t help but be annoyed because the discovery was made just as I prepped supper and was about to load it into the oven. We went on to have quite a sad week with there being a bereavement in the family, days went by in a haze. My lack of appetite contributed to my spending less time in the kitchen. After seeing our nephew off this past Friday, we got home in the evening and I crawled straight into bed and passed out soon as my head hit the pillow after nibbling on some balsamic vinegar crisps and ginger biscuits. I woke up mid-morning and I remembered my blueberries.

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CoA brings sanity to DIS/DCEC long-standing feud

This decision follows the raiding of the office of the former Director General of the DCEC, Tymon Katlholo early 2022 and his staff officer by the DIS operatives who reportedly took files that they had targeted.After all back and forth arguments, the CoA has set the record straight giving an invaluable lesson to the DIS that it was no super security organ and it does not have any powers to cogently supervise other security organs including the...

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