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Monday 27 March 2017, 16:02 pm.
Mon 14 Mar 2016, 14:53 pm
The tiny village of Gulubane is situated about 10 kilometres off the A3 road. From Francistown, pass Mathangwane until a board signalling a right turn appears. The road a...
Mon 22 Feb 2016, 16:07 pm
LUANDA: I am writing this on the way to the airport on our airport shuttle – a big white 4X4 Dodge Durango – to catch a flight to a town called Menongue in the Cuito Cuan...
Mon 01 Feb 2016, 15:35 pm
At just 26 years, Kenathata Dipogiso was defying the prophesy of his own first name, which seemed to suggest that he was destined to be a weakling. He had become the opp...
Mon 14 Dec 2015, 18:00 pm
On April 27, 2009 *Malebogo Max Molefhe was shot eight times by an enraged boyfriend. The gunshot that was meant to blow her brains off mysteriously jammed. The gun faile...
Mon 26 Oct 2015, 15:11 pm
It has been 23years, since Goitsemodimo Manowe, a local architect, has been patiently and fervently pursuing the ideals of professional body and a regulatory authority fo...
Mon 21 Sep 2015, 16:44 pm
SANKUYO, Botswana — Lions have been coming out of the surrounding bush, prowling around homes and a small health clinic, to snatch goats and donkeys from the heart of San...
Mon 14 Sep 2015, 13:36 pm
Let me take this opportunity to applaud the community of Pilikwe, Serowe, and Tshekedi Khama’s family for this initiative. Often we depend on entities such as the Botswan...
Mon 07 Sep 2015, 16:10 pm
SELEBI-PHIKWE: At 116 years old, Tsetsebjwe’s oldest woman, Mokgadi Tolwane aka Moghiba, was probably the oldest person alive in Botswana. She was laid to rest in her h...
Mon 07 Sep 2015, 15:08 pm
“We can build dams as we have done, drill and equip boreholes, as we have done, we can lay pipelines to carry water all over as we have done and continue to do, but if it...
Mon 31 Aug 2015, 15:49 pm
A day before I embarked on the 120 kilometre journey to Letlhakeng to interview Boometswe Mokgothu, I phoned to confirm our meeting. He was keen to give me directions to ...
Mon 15 Jun 2015, 15:52 pm
More often, society tends to wait for heroes to shuffle off this mortal coil before they can eulogise them for the positive contribution they brought while still alive.
Mon 04 May 2015, 15:55 pm
Dear reader please be patient and tolerant as you read part of my personal diary. I lost my family through my confessions and I hope you will not be tempted to disown me...
Mon 30 Mar 2015, 15:54 pm
Once more the Directorate of Public Prosecutions(DPP) has withdrawn a so called “high profile corruption case”.
Mon 02 Mar 2015, 13:49 pm
She was supposed to be doing Form 5 this year, but because she was simply too good for words, she wrote her Botswana General Certificate of Secondary Examinations (BGCSE)...
Mon 09 Feb 2015, 15:53 pm
While on social media he has been described as a ‘hero’ and ‘bosso’ who has pulled off the stunt of the year, on closer inspection the man dubbed the Parliament Swimmer i...
Mon 02 Feb 2015, 17:00 pm
Former South African National Police Commissioner, Jackie Sello Selebi was buried in Pretoria over the weekend. I first met Selebi in 1989. If you think about it, that wa...
Mon 19 Jan 2015, 16:47 pm
Youthful Limkokwing regional director of corporate & Media Relations Mercy Thebe handles herself like a primetime tv celeb; she oozes confidence, passion and style and is...
Mon 17 Nov 2014, 17:21 pm
The morning game drive at Chobe Game Lodge starts at 5:30am. So, a wake-up call was necessary because the previous a night we “turned-up” but just a bit together with the...
Mon 01 Sep 2014, 10:49 am
“I have, in the last several weeks, watched with utter horror how the media has, day after day, and week after week, accused me of great crimes, tried me of those crimes,...
Mon 18 Aug 2014, 15:13 pm
Popular Botswana Police Itshireletse television programme actor, Inspector Kenneth Baya Nkomo who was popularly known as “Judas Judas”, was a rare talent to hit Botswan...
Mon 09 Jun 2014, 10:24 am
Palapye resident Ethel Gampone is waiting with bated breath for the fate of her Nandos Franchise rumoured to be among the leading money spinners in the country.
Mon 26 May 2014, 16:39 pm
The greater Gaborone area has been affected by illegal sand mining which has forced the authorities to stop issuing licenses. Villagers are complaining of being deprived ...
Mon 12 May 2014, 11:29 am
Producing a portrait of any person is not an easy task. It is strange that when I undertook to produce the portrait of Patrick van Rensburg to celebrate the 50th annivers...
Mon 28 Apr 2014, 16:49 pm
The Botswana Defence Force (BDF) held their annual BDF Day at the capacity filled National Stadium in Gaborone over the weekend. The Day which showcases military exercise...
Mon 07 Apr 2014, 14:21 pm
You know it is election year when the president dances this hard. Mmegi Photographer KEBOFHE MATHE captured President Ian Khama dancing at Botswana Democratic Party’s spe...
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