On the eighth day, the Pope became a meme, Twitter had no chill that day #PopeBars

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While some of you weren’t looking, Twitter took the liberty of creating a hashtag dedicated to the Pope.

The hashtag, #PopeBars, stemmed from a photo of Pope Francis during one of his stops on his African tour. The photo, which captures the pope holding a microphone with a stern expression and his head cocked to the side, inspired Twitter to use the hashtag, accompanied with made up freestyle verses of what Pope Francis would actually rap about if he was a rapper.

In all of its ignorance and hilarity, Twitter came up with some amusing raps lyrics, referencing the Bible, Jesus and other notable aspects of Christianity.

The rap lyrics also borrowed some bars from recognizable songs in hip hop such as Notorious B.I.G.’s “Big Poppa”, Jay Z,  and Drake’s “Hotline Bling.”

@tres_stimulante P to the izz-O, P to the izz-E, fo' sheezy my neezy keep the Virgin so breezy #PopeBars

‏@chrismelberger thoughts on God? - real, fav prayer position? - kneel, shuffle the cards - deal,, body of Christ - meal #popebars

@DareToJese His psalms are sweaty, knees weak, cross is heavy. There's vomit on his robe already, Vatican spaghetti #PopeBars

@MichaelSkolnik  So I just speak my piece, keep my peace, Cubans with the Jesus piece, with my peeps #popebars

The make believe lyrics definitely brought the creativity with things like, “God is the Father, but all y”ll are my sons/Pray I don’t take your girl and make her one of my nuns.” Genius.

And in addition to the comedic lyrics, it isn’t a true Twitter showdown if some one doesn’t bring some Photoshopped images to the newsfeed. When some one Photoshopped the album art work for the pope’s fictional album, Holy Ghost, it triggered Twitter to come up with a full track list.

It’s highly unlikely that Pope Francis will come out with a rap album any time soon, but leave it up to Twitter to take something and run with it.


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