‘Dan Kenosi Spirralling Out Of Control’

A certain keyboard-happy individual who has pronounced himself paparazzi aka Daniel Dan Kenosi is now spiralling out of control with his propaganda on his desperate road to fame.

He recently attacked and defamed a University of Botswana student by the name of  Bame Dee Dipate and humiliated her on social media. First of all, the student in question is not a BMD member as he purports. She is a BNF member. Secondly, she dates a Motswana young man with whom she has been dating for “ages”. Thirdly, she is not in the UBSRC and thus should not be associated with this distinguished student office as an officer. She did run for office but she is not in it.

Daniel must be advised that even Dipate has a right to her opinion, preference and all and if he wants to address her views in any way, he should do it without dragging the SRC name in the mud.

He ought to learn to collect facts and relay facts to Batswana and display a level of maturity, dignity and respect for journalism which he purportedly loves. I dare Kenosi to have a cell, at least of ethical behaviour, and report nothing but well-researched truth, not hearsay from bitter individuals.

He just jumps into Facebook with them like a teenager who just joined Facebook with a yearning for likes and popularity. This is no different from a girl posting nudes on Facebook for likes, or hooliganism because he bashes people for their opinions and preferences. Daniel Kenosi must behave!


From: Leak Mallet Seboko

Minister Of Information And Publicity UB-SRC

Editor's Comment
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