Meet Naomi: Nxakato's Form2 highflyer


SOWA TOWN: In a rare development, a 14-year-old Form 2 student , Naomi Higgins has lifted Nxakato Junior Secondary School’s (JSS) flag high after obtaining the only Junior Certificate Examinations (JCE) A grade overall pass.

Higgins didn’t show any respect for her Form 3 seniors after skipping a class to sit for the JCE and passed with flying colours. She beat the odds of having to study for combined classes in a short period of time.

Her pass with flying colours has opened a door of opportunity to fulfilling her dream of becoming a medical doctor. Her dream is to specialise in cardiology.

Amongst the 167 students who sat for their JCE at Nxakato JSS last year, Form 2 student Higgins outperformed her seniors.

Mmegi paid Higgins a visit this week Tuesday. She was clad in school uniform despite having a choice of wearing her clothes because she was awaiting her Form 4 admission letter at home.

In an interview with this publication, the Nxakato star could not contain her excitement and she giggled uncontrollably throughout the interview.

The ecstatic student said that she decided to write for the JCE even though she was doing Form 2 so as to create a name for herself by doing something extraordinary.

Higgins who hails from Selebi-Phikwe said that she was encouraged  by her friend Zandile Molefabangwe to register for the 2019 JCE because she believed that she was capable of passing with flying colours.

She said: “Before taking the decision, I had to make self introspection and understand the repercussions and the workload of having to study for two different classes in a short period of time. But even so, I had the confidence and trusted that the God I serve will never disappoint me.”

The smart student is also a keen follower of Nigerian televangelist Temitope Balogun Joshua, commonly referred to as T. B. Joshua. Joshua is a philanthropist, leader and founder of The Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN).

Higgins also shared that some of the inspirational books and Prophet T.B. Joshua’s quotes kept her going strong.

She added: “One inspirational quote which is closer to my heart is that difficult roads often leads to beautiful destinations. When I came across this quote I knew that if I stop learning   I will deny myself an opportunity to create history for myself, family and the school at large.”

Ever since she came across the quote, Higgins said that she spent sleepless nights studying because she knew that just because it’s hard it does not mean that it was impossible for her to reach her goal.

The intelligent teenage girl also thanked Onneile Thamoko for sharing study tips during her visit at the school.

She learnt through the motivational speaker that in order to excel in one’s studies there was a need to have two things, the summary book and study timetable.

Higgins said she took Thamoko’s inspiring words to heart and made a study timetable, which she followed, everyday as well as keeping key points and mind maps for every objective per subject in the summary book.

She also mentioned that she did not have any tutors but rather utilised her teachers   who provided her with revision materials and offered her free after school lessons so that she can finish the Form Three projects and material in time.

The highflying Higgins added that her parents are her pillars of strength due to their motivational talks especially when she was starting to develop cold feet regretting her decision to sit for JCE.

She said: “When I became anxious, my parents told me that fear stands for ‘False Evidence Appearing Real’ hence I shouldn’t worry but continue focusing on my studies.”

As a fanatic of the Indian Soap Opera shows, she contended with distractions of having to be glued to her television screen. Rather she made studying her priority knowing that she will have ample time to watch television during the holidays.

Higgins reminisces that 2019 was hell for her because she spent most of her time studying and slept for about an hour and a half.

She shared that her parents were beginning to get worried about her health but she always reminded   them that to be a cardiologist   one has to be a hard worker and attain good results at school.

Higgins said that she has always dreamed of becoming a medical doctor at a tender age and has worked hard her entire life to attain excellent grades at school.

Higgins’ mother who happens to be   the school head of Nxakato JSS, Ruth Higgins was elated by her daughter’s results.

She told this publication that she was speechless and gave all the praise to God because victory belongs to Him. Ruth recalled that in the beginning of last year when her daughter informed them that she wanted to sit for JCE even though she was doing Form Two, her father gave her a thumps up.

She said that she became nervous and wondered if she will be able to bear the workload of combined standards.

She added: “I knew that she could do it but the thought of her studying under a lot of pressure for both Form Two and Three and all subjects for that matter, including the final projects. It was just too much to handle in a short period of time. But because she was a hard worker I believed that  it was  possible.”

When speaking about her daughter’s journey, Ruth said that her daughter attended first and second terms with her classmates (Form Two’s) and joined the Form Threes in third term just to relate with the environment.

The delighted mother said that there were times when she was pained to see her daughter running around the school seeking assistance from different teachers which was a sign that she was so determined to pass.

She said that when the results were released, she jumped with joy after learning that Nxakato JSS had one A and that’s none other than her Form Two daughter.

Ruth added : “Her  performance gave me dignity as  a leader. When I am on the podium addressing the students, they will now understand that   I teach what I preach at home.”

She also described her daughter as an angel sent from heaven and always-grinning both at home and school and would never hold a grudge against anyone.

She said that her child is so obedient and has never being out of  line since birth.

According to Ruth, her daughter performs household chores with her elder brother who also sat for the same examination and   obtained grade B.

She said that Higgins is an intelligent girl who obtained straight A’s and one B during her Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE).

Naomi’s class teacher and also Agriculture teacher Lillian Kgagodi said that she was on cloud nine when she heard the news.

She said that Naomi was so committed to her schoolwork at all times and was class Monitor for class 2B.

The ecstatic teacher was once overwhelmed at the strain that Naomi faced whilst preparing for her JCE.

 During her encounter with her in Agriculture class, Kgagodi said that Naomi researched for topics and was always ahead of her colleagues.

She added : “I remember when she was  presenting  on one  of the objectives ,I was  so impressed  with  her  because it was  like  she was  the teacher because she came  well prepared for the presentation.”

The Nxakato JSS Cheetah Head of House(HOD) Neo  Mosarwe  shared the  same sentiments  with Ruth  and Kgagodi.

Mosarwe was on top of the world that one of her students particularly a Form Two student was the only one who attained A in the just released JCE results.

She said that their motto as Cheetah House is that they are pacesetters meaning that they set the pace while others follow. She added: “The motto came into action through Naomi as she is the only one who got an A and others followed in the just released JCE.”

Cheetah HOD described Naomi as a shy, humble and respectable girl who was laid-back and spoke when it is necessary.

Given an opportunity to talk she said that Naomi would speak with such authority and people would listen attentively.

She shared that her classmates contributed to her farewell party noting that they were certain that she would pass her JCE and wont be joining them for Form Three.

Mosarwe said that, Naomi changed the lives of the then 2Bs class by sharing her study skills with them.

She added that the class performance  has shown a significant improvement and for that Naomi would forever be their role model and as has left a legacy for her former classmates.

For her part the deputy school head Boitumelo Tabona also labeled Higgins   as a disciplined and jolly student.

She said that ever since the results were released quite a lot of Nxakato JSS students envied Naomi.

Tabona said that Naomi has put the school on the map and everyone was happy but they believed that given a chance the school was going to register a merit for the 2020 JCE results.

She said that one of Nxakato’s driving force strategies is their motto of “My sweat, my haverst, my sweat, and my success”. Nxakato deputy school head said that Naomi proved that with hard work and perseverance success is knocking on the door.

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