JW’s ‘Keep Seeking Jehovah’s Righteousness’ assembly

LOBATSE - Jehovah’s Witnesses will hold their Circuit Assembly on Sunday at the Peleng Community Hall in Lobatse. According to the organisers, the theme for the Assembly; “Keep Seeking Jehovah’s Righteousness” is drawn from Matthew 6:33.

The theme is significant because it underscores a core quality required of all true servants of the Almighty God Jehovah as reflected in God’s Holy Word, the Bible.

Witness families embrace the Bible as the most trustworthy guide and beneficial source of advice in these troubled times. Unlike any other book, Jehovah’s Witnesses recognise that the Bible has the power to transform lives.

At the Assembly, guidance will be given on how we can all work toward seeking Jehovah’s righteousness in our lives and how this can benefit us as individuals.

The programme is designed to benefit children, the youth and adults. Through talks, demonstrations and interviews; the following questions will be answered; How can we help our children and one another to seek Jehovah’s righteousness? How can we distinguish right from wrong?, and How can we pursue righteousness by living with soundness of mind?. Furthermore, scriptural advice and admonition will be given on how servants of the true God Jehovah can flee from materialism and youthful desires and thus avoid being alienated from the Creator.

Editor's Comment
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