Pageant dethrones Mrs Botswana Second princess

After dethroning the second Princess of Mrs Botswana, organisers of the pageant have replaced her with Setapenyane(right). PIC: KENNEDY RAMOKONE
After dethroning the second Princess of Mrs Botswana, organisers of the pageant have replaced her with Setapenyane(right). PIC: KENNEDY RAMOKONE

The founder of Mrs Botswana beauty pageant, Kgalalelo Lesetedi says they have dethroned the second princess from the one initially crowned this past Saturday due to some mix up.

In an interview with Showbiz, Lesetedi said she had to de-crown Wame Mogotsi from Mochudi after the contestants expressed displeasure over the judges’ decision. She said they did not understand why Mogotsi got the second princess title as she collapsed before answering a question she was given.

“When I got home, I decided to go through all the marks the finalists scored from the judges and started adding them together as per contestant.

We realised that there was an error made. Mogotsi was not supposed to be crowned as the current second princess because Jennifer Setapenyane scored more marks than her. We then called all the finalists and discussed the matter and agreed that we must give Setapenyane her crown as reflected in the marks she scored,” said Mogotsi.

Lesetedi also explained that they collectively agreed on the decision and there are no complaints from either of the contestants regarding the new changes. She however, pointed out that going forward, they intended to start the pageant on the set time so that they could finish early.

She added they would deal with situations in which the judges get tired because of waiting for a long time and therefore curbing such errors. 

She thanked their fans for their support saying that without them the pageant could not have been a success.

“Your support continues growing the brand. We currently have no sponsors and therefore the money that we get from the tickets sales is used to pay the venue and pay other expenses. We are currently looking for sponsors to help us buy flight tickets for our queen as she will be competing at Mrs Universe in China in December,” she said.

This comes after the pageantry was surrounded by criticisms from both the contestants and fuming fans accusing the organisers of being unfair and disorganised. Some said the pageantry was unfair and favoured some contestants at the exclusion of others and therefore threatened to stop supporting it.

Meanwhile, the reigning Mrs Botswana queen 2019/2020 Maureen Mothuba said she was well prepared for the international pageantry where she will be battling for the crown with other beautiful married women from different walks of life.

She said she had met with various professionals who have counselled her how to speak, walk and what to wear or not on the international platform.  Mothuba who is a wife and a mother of three said Mrs Botswana pageantry took her out of her comfort zone.

She asserted that contest helped her challenge her self and find her strength as an individual. She said through the pageant, she saw herself knocking on people’s doors asking for sponsorship and convincing them to sponsor her. “I entered this beauty pageant because it is in line with my believes. Its objectives are building homes, reviving happiness in our homes.

I also gives us a platform to let the society not to forget us as it unveils or promote the beauty that we have hidden in our homes,” she said. Mothuba alsao said Mrs Botswana was still growing. She said in its third year of existence, the pageantry had financial challenges at it had no sponsors.

She called on the business community to support the contest saying the objectives have a great impact in building families and societies. She said she would come up with projects that revive marriages during her reign.

The first princess Thato Monei 30 years old and the second princess Setapenyane 31 have vowed to support the queen in whichever way possible.

Monei said she would implement a project that focus on the whole family during her reign as the first princess while Setapenyane said she would continue working with Letsopa on her project that focuses on the boy child. She will also work with other married women.

She said she would show married women the importance of looking beautiful and pursuing their dreams because she has realised that many women sacrifice a lot and focus on making people happy therefore forgetting their own dreams.

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