Kitsane’s distorted art opens room for creativity

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Nineteen-year-old local visual artist, Salome Iris Kitsane, has decided to focus on distorted artworks.

In an interview with Arts & Culture, Kitsane explained that she went for that kind of art because she felt it was the root of creativity. She said when other artists were already making realistic artworks, she wanted to be different and stand out.

The artist, who is currently doing her first year at University of Botswana, added that she had done realistic art but felt like it limited her imagination.

"You can go as far as creating a drawing with a lot of meanings using distortion instead of the common realistic ones. I use pens and coloured pencils but I am willing to try out paints too. I first learnt distortion in junior school where I tried to do it for my Junior Certificate Examination project but it was rejected because the teachers felt it was too much for a 16-year-old student.” Kitsane recalled.

Kitsane also revealed that she tried again to do distortion as her Form Five project but it got rejected too because there was no time. “I moved to old age and scooped an A* in art. Now I am just beginning to live the dream I always had," she said.

Kitsane also pointed out that since she is a student, it was hard to balance school work with her art. She also explained that one of the challenges she faced was shortage of materials and a phone with low quality camera. She said she could not capture her artworks and make them appealing to the eye.

Furthermore, she said she was determined to explore every part of the art world. "I want to defy the odds. I am just starting and I have just done portraits for high ranking officials in Orapa. I am looking forward to displaying at the Thapong Visual Arts Centre. I want to be able to touch souls, speak life into our people and make the world a better place to be with my drawings,” she further indicated.

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