Kast determined to fill up the National Stadium


Local rapper, Kast, is very keen on filling up the National Stadium on a date yet to be announced soon. Kast announced the intention to fill up the stadium after South African musician Cassper Nyovest announced his fill up the dome campaign in September. Kast has seen a lot of artists endorsing the idea.

In an interview with Showbiz, the Ndono hit-maker said the idea came after an interaction with the fans. “After Nyovest announced his fill up the dome campaign, most people felt it could not be done here as well,” he said.

Kast said he went on to publicly declare his fill up the stadium campaign on social media. “We don’t give local musicians credit, this can be done,” he said.

Kast said while many have expressed their support, he expected backlash from other people.

“No one is against the idea, it is just that some people believe that it is not possible for local artists to fill up the National Stadium without a foreign act,” he said.

He said the negative criticism motivates him to push the campaign and prove beyond reasonable doubt that it can be done.

Kast said he will announce the date of the show on Friday. “Right now we are at the logistics level, but the show will be a 100% local line-up and I will be the lead artist,” he highlighted.  The veteran rapper said the show would celebrate local music and perhaps push music sales afterwards.

“Fans sometimes complain about artists who repeat the same things during performances but with this show we are going to go all out,” he said.

Kast added that on top of the local line-up, they will sell local merchandise and other local products.

Kast also pointed out that he didn’t steal the idea like some people suggest. “There has always been conversation about filling up music shows. We are going to fill up the National Stadium and people should come to support us,” he said.

Kast said they will go from house to house and push the campaign. “We will interact with the fans and there will be campus activations where we will outline the advantages of the show and how it will benefit the local music industry,” he said.

If Kast becomes successful in his campaign, he will become the first local musician to fill up the 22,500-seater stadium capacity. He will even surpass Nyovest’s 20,000-seater at TicketProDome.

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