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Engineer takes up digital art

Morolong Modiakgotla traded his mechanical engineering job at Botswana Power Corporation’s (BPC) Morupule B to pursue his fondness for art.

The Seleka native said the artistic urge was so overpowering and full of promise that he found sense in sacrificing his job to pursue art.

Modiakgotla said he regards himself as one of the few people that traverse the path they enjoy and he left the good paying job just to follow is passion.

The mechanical engineering path, he said, was mostly motivated by the employment market and growing up in Selebi Phikwe.

He said after three years at Morupule B, he woke up one day and felt he was revolted and decided to call it a day.

“God created me to do more inventions and create opportunities for myself and other people, not work,” he said of trading his fat pay cheque.

His interest in Arts dates back to secondary school days at Phatsimo Junior School in the former copper and nickel town where he aced the subject. He took the module again at Selebi Phikwe Senior School.

Subsequently, he went to University and worked for a few companies before joining BPC. Three years, later he was out on the streets.

He said it took inspiration from a client to unleash his art. That was before he left his job. He did traditional pencil drawings during spare times while at the power plant, sometimes freely for friends and at times for sale.

The 27-year old said one day he delivered a pencil drawing to a client. The client scanned the piece into the computer and the two analysed it. That, he said drew him to digital art.

“It looked unbelievably nice, I was struck and it gave me ideas. The next thing I was behind the computer, loading my work and playing around. I had

done digital art before I knew what it actually was,” he said.

Modiakgotla said he later read about the art and begun to exploit it. When he discovered its rarity in the local market, he knew he had found a path. For a unique touch, he said he incorporated traditional art and amplified his works with more colour, “and it has worked wonders.”

The digital artist has enjoyed many reviews in social media where he advertises his artworks. Through his adverts, he attracted prominent personalities like the local ministers, celebrities and company bosses.

His work became recognised after posting artworks of the Minister of Tertiary Education, Research, Science and Technology Thapelo Olopeng and the Minister of Investment Trade and Industry Bogolo Kenewendo. He said he owed his development in the market to the two pieces.

His final pieces are made in canvas and framed. Modiakgotla said he had achieved more than he had anticipated with his new trade. However, he admits it was never an easy choice for a married man to trade his job.

“I believe I am one of the blessed few. I love Art, and I really had to make it work. I made a vow with myself that whatever I make flies off the shelf. I barely have artworks with me when they are complete,” he said.

He had also managed to advance his business by opening a printing shop. He said the business was steadily growing. He said he was also into the network marketing business and has registered an engineering company.

“I am on my path of unlocking opportunities for other people. I have applied for funding to bring in some machines and hopefully hire people.”




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