Onwards to a future of grey and black water


Windhoek, Namibia has been doing it for 47 years, but the idea of reclaiming wastewater for potable use such as drinking and cooking, still sends shivers down the spine of the average Greater Gaborone resident. Citing climate change and population growth, experts say we neither have the luxury nor the time for fussiness. Mmegi Staffer, MBONGENI MGUNI reports

In the last years of the Botswana International Trade Fair, a remarkable exhibit attracted scores of bemused visitors.  The Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) exhibited a miniature wastewater treatment system with one end consisting of a toilet cistern, seat and bowl filled with black water and solids.

In the middle were a network of solutions, suspensions, beakers, filters and other devices, and on the other end was a solitary tap.

Editor's Comment
A woman’s right to choose: Or is it?

Here in Botswana, we have many single-parent households, mostly female-led, so what does that suggest? That some fathers choose to ditch the responsibility of caring for their children and leave them to the ones who carry them during pregnancy to do the heavy lifting.Of course, in other dynamics, there are instances where the father wants to keep the baby and the would-be mother does not want to, hence the saying ‘whose body is it anyway’.In...

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