Welcome President Mugabe, but...

The father of African struggle against white supremacy, and President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe will be with us for several days as he pays a visit to the SADC Secretariat in Gaborone.

He is the only reigning leader who was in power when this organisation was established, in 1980. Mugabe has ruled his country since then, at the time when it was breadbasket for the southern Africa region.

Political stability has evaded the country over the years, since early 2000s, hitting hard on the performance of the economy, which succumbed. This instability and economic collapse forced millions of Zimbabweans to flee their country seeking economic freedom in neighbouring countries and beyond. The economy of Zimbabwe has not been doing well since early 2000s to this day.

Just a few months ago, Mr President was celebrating his 90th birthday and it is commendable for him to have managed to stay on the surface of planet earth for so long.

It will be unfair to omit the best thing that he did for his people - providing education of all sorts, vocational, and academic. Many Zimbabweans are multi-skilled and have survived the hardships outside their motherland for a decade and half.

What is disturbing, however, is that Mugabe doesn’t seem to be harbouring any plans to step down to give way for younger Zimbabweans to move their country’s economy forward whilst he is  still alive.

Wouldn’t it be a great thing for Mr Mugabe to witness the fruits of his plans, and labour – educating young Zimbabweans – working hard to restore their country’s economy and dignity? What is happening is that Zimbabweans are building economies of neighbouring states, in some instances abused, and paid peanuts for their skills.

When xenophobic attacks ensued in South Africa a few weeks ago, the main targets were Somalis, Ethiopians, and Zimbabweans who find themselves in a foreign land against their wishes. It should concern a 90 year-old president when his compatriots, children, grand children are painted with the same brush with citizens of a country that has not had a functioning government for close to two decades (Somalia).

We take this moment to appeal to Mr Mugabe to consider stepping down to give way to someone younger to take the country forward in his lifetime, while he can still see it with his own eyes.

It is never too late to correct a wrong, and apologise to his loved ones whilst he still can. We hope that after this visit, and at the end of his term in a few months time.

By the way, the old president also heads the African Union. Wow! We can only say, Sir you have made history, and it is time to retire and enjoy the fruits of your hard work, which spans into over six decades.

Today’s thought

“Don’t be afraid. Change is such a beautiful

thing”, said the Butterfly.”


-Sabrina Newby

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