Our Football corruption

Of late the local media has been awash with with revelations that the Premier League, Botswana’s premier football organisers has been caught in what appears to be corruption and money syphoning, if reports doing the rounds are anything to go by.

The shocking reports allege how P6 million has disappeared even before the season had ended, with clubs unable to get their subventions.

 As a result of this anomaly, the Premier League offices have been put under lock and key, managers and CEO under investigation, the DCEC investigators also called in, to sniff around what could have possibly gone wrong, and possibly prosecute the  suspected criminals in this saga.

What the nation has been hearing is no doubt an embarrassment to local football.

The Premier League would do well to take advantage of this saga to renew itself, its image  and restore public confidence in it.

In this small market where sponsors are hard to come by, perception of a corrupt Premier League or Football Association   does not help local football.

We need to build a Premier League body managed by characters that give  football credibility in the eyes of potential sponsors who would otherwise  think twice about investing in the Premier League for fear that the funds would be channelled  the wrong way.

At the end it is our local football industry that  bears the consequences of this corruption, as many youths signed by  the 16 Premier League clubs  would go for months without pay.

We call for a multi-pronged war against what appears to be acts of corruption at the Premier League.

It is our game, and the swifter we move  to clean the game, the better for our premier league clubs.

We hope the  footballing public will be kept abreast of what progress has been made in this saga, for it is our humble view that it is in the public interest to know what is happening to our football funds and the culprits must be made to pay for their actions. Molefe (Thatayaone Ramatlapeng), Pontsho Moloi, Onalethata Tshekiso


Rollers: Kabelo Dambe, Tshepo Motlhabankwe, Simisane Mathumo, Mogogi Gabonamong, Kaone van Der Westuhuizen, Lawrence Majawa, Ofentse Nato, Maano Ditshupo (Sekhana Koko), Joel Mogorosi, Galabye Moyana (Segolame Boy), Terrence Mandaza (Edwin Moalosi)

Cautions: Motlhabankwe,

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