Let Us Join Hands To Fight Alcohol And Drug Abuse

In this edition, we carry a story in which the Batawana regent, Kealetile Moremi, bemoans the rampant use and abuse of drugs and alcohol in Maun. Moremi paints a damning picture of drug misuse by youth in Maun, which she insists has contributed to increased cases of crime committed in the district.

In the same story, the officer commanding Maun policing district, Abraham Kesupetswe, echoed Moremi’s complaints, stating that many cases of rape recorded in Maun occur when people are at entertainment centres. He said majority of women are raped at, or on their way to and from nightclubs in the village. Kesupetse added that drug and alcohol abuse also contributes to high incidents of road accidents as well as alcohol related crimes, which are on the rise.

There is a worrying trend in Botswana of the use and abuse of alcohol and drugs, especially among school going children. In worse cases, some of these children are drug mules who work for adults who only want a quick buck. These irresponsible adults only care about their profits and are not the least bit concerned with the mental state and future of the drug users.

Nowadays a drug such as marijuana is easily accessible as it is commonly sold at car washes, kiosks and outdoor drinking outlets. Drug users no longer hide their addiction, and it is now becoming common to see a few individuals converged at social spots, taking puffs of marijuana. Rolling a joint and puffing away is now seen as ‘cool’, but action has to be taken urgently. We cannot stand back and watch as young people’ lives are ruined by a few minutes of gratification fumes.

Enough is enough!

Parents, children, civil society and schools as well as the police should join hands to fight this scourge together. Just because one’s child is clean from drugs and alcohol does not mean they are not affected. We are all affected by abuse of drugs and alcohol especially children. If need be, an anti-drug and alcohol abuse Pitso should be called as a matter of urgency to find ways to deal with this problem besieging our social landscape.

Editor's Comment
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