Kudos to the YAMAs

On their second installment, the YaronaFM Music Awards, the YAMAS, held at the GICC on Saturday, were just at another level.

In terms of sponsorships the YAMAS were amazing, the corporate sector simply rallied behind the event to ensure that it lives to its hype.

The stage and the lighting were all ideal for the occasion, cementing

the YAMAS’ as new benchmark for any local event of this magnitude. When they launched last year, the YAMAS set for themselves a very high standard which they have managed to repeat to the delight and pride of the patrons. Their use of multi-media, videos, and short and sweet films in between the awards has simply been staggering.


The patrons came in large numbers and expectantly beaming as if they knew beforehand what was in store for them. They clapped they sang along. They certainly knew their artists and songs. It was a delightful occasion.


While it was a pity that the YAMAS were not being broadcast live, we are confident that the airing of such a glamorous event on national television even later on, will go a long way in showcasing how it is done. Indeed such an event is more than just about dishing out awards, but more about achieving the effects of a spectacular night in the opinion of those feeling the ambience expected of such a night.


The YAMAS interestingly also reveal one thing, that Yarona FM has a category of music, musicians, and listenership that are true to one another. The question is, is Yarona FM the only radio station that plays music of a certain age category?


If the answer is no, as we hope, then we can only challenge others to come out and honour their types of music, on a night that will see the radio station’s listeners, also coming out to honour their music, their favourite radio station, their favourite radio presenters, like Yarona is doing with the YAMAS.


We can no longer leave the responsibility of music awards to a musicians’ society like BOMU, as music is diverse, and ought to be celebrated in all its diversity. Such a step has nothing to do wth stealing anybody’s idea or concept, it should rather be seen as adding value and progress in the sophisticated arena of music.


Editor's Comment
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