Choppies to heal the poor

The news that Choppies stores has entered into an agreement with NGO, Airborne Lifeline Foundation to extend delivery of medical services to the rural poor around the country is a refreshing piece of news.

As per the agreement, Choppies will be lending the Foundation its private airplane to help transport specialist doctors and health care professionals from Gaborone to regional clinics. According to Choppies Managing Director, Ramachandran Ottapath, Choppies will be releasing their reliable aircraft of 16 years.

There is no doubt that accessing most parts of sparse rural Botswana without the use of aircraft can be an expensive exercise.

Choppies  is not new to community development matters. They have donated over 100 houses through the President Housing Appeal. Sometimes when a corporation the size of Choppies does something for the community people can simply take it for granted that it can do so because it is a big company anyway. But how many big companies have come forward and invested deliberately on communities by building them tens of houses, clinics, or flying doctors to rural areas to attend to the sick?

We hope that by recognising the role that corporations such as Choppies play in our communities, others will likewise join with the knowledge that their efforts will not be in vain, they will be recognised and appreciated for developing Batswana.


Solution for HIV in prison 

The National AIDS Coordinating Agency (NACA)’s announcement that they have started a survey on sexual behaviour of inmates with a view to mitigating the situation is long overdue.

While we cannot wait for the day when inmates will be provided with condoms to control the spread of HIV, we would also like to urge NACA to speed up the publication of this survey and make it public.

It is our humble view that the public deserves to know the outcome of this survey since their beloved ones happen to spend part of their lives in prisons.

Perhaps this survey will also go a long way towards informing us about the extent of sexual coercion that allegedly takes place in prisons at the instigation of bullies.

Editor's Comment
What about employees in private sector?

How can this be achieved when there already is little care about the working conditions of those within the private sector employ?For a long time, private sector employees have been neglected by their employers, not because they cannot do better to care for them, but because they take advantage of government's laxity when it comes to protecting and advocating for public sector employees, giving the cue to employers within the private sector...

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