Bravo Maun SSS

News coming out of Maun senior secondary school is that the madness of satanic rituals that characterised life at the school in recent years has come to a hault.

That’s remarkable. The endless stories of horror after horror had the parents on tenterhooks. The nation was shaken by reports that some students at the school were practicing Satanism. Whether it was indeed the acts of Satanism or just teenagers being unruly, the events disrupted classes, exams, and basically threw the school into pandemonium. The one which might still be fresh in people’s minds is the 2013 incident, when a disembowelled and dismembered dog was hung in various classrooms at the school. The incident was followed by yet another  nasty sight where a beheaded python was found in a classroom. These incidents left teachers and learners, and the nation at large shaken.  While it might be early to celebrate, news that the school concluded its academic year in 2014 with no incidents it cannot be disputed that education is important and it’s a fundamental right, which should be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of his or her background or skin colour.

The young minds currently in school are tomorrow’s leaders, hence the importance of ensuring that the students and teachers are protected, from the few who might have strayed to think that causing chaos would win them medals or gain them popularity. Many at the time blamed the problems facing the school on parenting, and that could indeed be a possible cause, but then again, there are other forces at play, which include external influences through association; children in nature can influence one another positively or negatively.  Maun Senior Secondary School is one example that while each and every child has biological parent, in the African culture all children are our children, hence the need for the nation to pull together in finding solutions to problems and challenges facing the leaders of tomorrow.  In Maun different churches came together to pray for the school, with the hope of reforming students who were at the forefront of causing havoc, and thus interfering with other students’ studies. It looks like churches coming together to address the problem  has yielded positive results, which is very commendable. We commend those who gave up their free time to assist the school get back to normal, and wish the school going forward will enjoy a peaceful environment conducive for learning.

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Happy Independence!

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