It Is Not Just A Breath Nonetheless A Remedy To A Sound Lifestyle

Amongst all things found on planet earth, every living thing yearns for a breath more than anything for it is the only component that pronounces life.

Death is the only place that exist without a breath. Anything that has no breath decomposes and nothing great can ever come from the death-bed but amongst those breathing, beauty awaits to be born from them.

Scientifically, a breath is the pivot for respiratory system. It allows for the body to consume oxygen that feeds, re-energises and rejuvenates the body cells. Every action of the body requires a dose of oxygen and it is deposited into the body through a breath and the waste gas; carbon dioxide is disposed through a breath to the world. Playing, digestion, cardio or any other body action are all effective when one has a sound and proper breath.

A breath is very essential in producing a sound and active body. An active body has the soul, spirit and mind all in sync and performing efficiently. A breath to calms emotions down and keeps one sane amidst the challenges we face in our lives. When you get angry, the body uses more oxygen in the body and oxygen runs out thus leaving the body cells stiff and ultimately cause an absent mind stature which exposed to cramps, pains and delayed reflex actions.

We ought to always perform breath exercises in order to align all components of the body and permit them to synchronise. This will yield a sharp and vigorous body performance. There is an amazing expansion for the characters of the word “S.T.O.P”. This is a strategy that one needs to adapt to especially in a feud. It helps the person that is provoked to refrain from being emotionally challenged hence take control of the puzzling situation.

The letter “S” suggests that one should literally stop for a mere four (4) seconds and not react immediately to the situation. This avoids an incident where action is taken without clear understanding of the matter. Some relationship are broken due to over-reaction of others which ultimately burns bridges. The letter “T” suggests that you should take a deep breathe immediately after the four (4) seconds pause. This is the most critical stage in the process because all provoked and meandering emotions get to calm down once the process is completed.

The letter “O” recommends that you observe the situation in a calm mood. This would assist you with clear and sound judgement hence positions you to make ideal decisions, not out of anger or any emotional oppression. The letter “P” recommends that you can then proceed with caution since you wholly comprehend the status quo.

A breath is essential because it is the source of life in all our life aspects, that is; spiritually, emotionally, physically and most importantly mentally. The brain needs more oxygen to be fully utilised to conceptualise strategies and ideas that can change your life in a positive light. When you are exercising, halt a moment and take a breath. When you are about to go into an interview or make a professional presentation, or addressing masses, you need to take a breath to align your body, emotions and mind.


The Breath Play Exercise Structure

Your body posture should be upright and make sure you are in a relaxed state. You will then have to inhale as much oxygen as you can through your nostrils, that is, as per your breath capacity. Count up to four (4). After inhaling, hold your breath for as long as you can or perhaps count up to six (6). This serves your body with adequate oxygen which is energy that energizes and tenders the body cells to be unruffled. This helps to release the air pocketed in the lung tissues. Lastly, exhale the withheld air through some pursed lips. Do not rush to release the air. Count up to seven times exhaling the air.

*Kealeboga Ronald Ngwigwa is an Author of a book titled 50 SHOTS OF COLOR (found at Bala Book Store- Railpark Mall and Botswana Book Centre- Main Mall), Motivational Speaker, Radio Feature Presenter, Events DC and Humanitarian who believes that there is greatness to be unleashed in all of us. Contact him on [email protected] or +26773791677 for bookings.


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