Homemade MayGlow Finds Its Niche In Cosmetics

Mavis Mokaloba
Mavis Mokaloba

Botswana’s manufacturing industry is slowly growing with some of the products commonly imported from other countries getting up local production lines.

Cosmetics is one such area that Batswana youth are venturing into producing and selling locally- and organically made products as their demand is growing.

Mavis Mokaloba, founder and CEO of MayGlow Skin Care has grabbed the opportunity to own a brand with both hands and ventured into the business of producing natural organic cosmetics locally.

Mokaloba tells Monitor Business that it was fate that led to establishing MayGlow.

“I started the business after I discovered the goodness of what the products can do for the skin. I had an accident in 2017, which left me with a scar. I tried out some homemade recipes to get rid of the scar,” she says.

According to Mokaloba, through these trials she started making a variety of skincare products. Mokaloba started selling the products almost five months ago as she was still trying out her products to guarantee their safety for use on the skin with the help of her family and her friends who sampled the products.

MayGlow skincare produces and distributes homemade skincare products ranging from facemasks, organic soap, mask, toner, face wash, aftershave and many other skincare products.

Mokaloba says Batswana have received her products very well and her brand is experiencing rapid growth looking at the fact that she started selling the first product, which is the mask in May to having a full range of products. She recently introduced the organic after-shave for men, which is the only men’s product at the moment.

She says despite the tight competition in the cosmetic industry from well-established big brands, she believes she has been able to set herself apart from the rest.

According to Mokaloba, she manufactures her products by hand in her kitchen and none of them have a drop of alcohol in them. She points out that her products are all made from natural organic ingredients.

“The plans for the future of MayGlow skincare as a brand is very bright because the intension is to have a warehouse that produces a full ranges of products based on different fruits for example a citrus range, which will have the mask, soap, toner, face wash and moisturiser made of the citrus.”

As an entrepreneur, Mokaloba says she has learnt the importance of selling products that can proudly be tagged with a value for money because value builds a good reputation for the business and also a good relationship with the clients.

She adds that passion should be the driving force to perfection.

MayGlow skincare now has an organic aftershave, which is available for sale and will soon be launching organic beard growth oil for men as well as the moisturiser before the end of the year.

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