Entrepreneurs Unveil innovative Water Heater

Thatayaone Alex Ndovie. PIC: KENNEDY RAMOKONE
Thatayaone Alex Ndovie. PIC: KENNEDY RAMOKONE

With winter approaching and energy shortages expected, a pair of young Botswana entrepreneurs has come up with a water and energy saving solution.

Sellex Innovative Technologies, one of the fastest growing start-up companies in Botswana, based in Gaborone; has introduced on the market a multipoint instant water heater, which is an alternative to the geyser.

Instant water heaters are also known as tank less water heaters because they do not store water, but only heats water as it passes through the heat exchangers and thereby supplying hot water only on demand.

 According to the entrepreneurs, this product will enhance people’s productivity as it is convenient, time and money-saving and has a life span of up to 20 years.

Sellex was established in 2014 by two creative minds, Thatayaone Alex Ndovie from Kasane and Sello Leteane from Ledumadumane.

It was formed with a resolve to discover, recommend and impart innovative solutions that meet previously unknown and therefore untapped customer needs across telecommunications, energy, banking, transport and manufacturing industries.

In their response to the energy and water crisis in the country, they have introduced a cutting edge technology that saves energy and water.

Sellex’s Founding Partner and Managing Director, Ndovie told Monitor Business that they started the company with their varsity savings as well as their shareholders money.

The heater can be bought from Builders World located at Gaborone West Industrial where there is stationed staff that can demonstrate to consumers how it works.

According to Ndovie, the heaters are designed to effectively and efficiently provide users with hot water instantly at an individual’s preferred temperature.

It can also be installed in the kitchen or bathroom and it saves up to 60 percent in electricity costs compared to the electric and solar geysers.

It saves more energy because it is designed to use power only when water passes through the heating element.

The heater is a safe product that switches itself off when having malfunction hence its longer lifespan.

“In our effort to promote showering since it saves a lot water, we supply these heaters with a complete shower set including high pressure rose, said Ndovie.”

The target market for Sellex is the public, government, private companies and property developers. Ndovie stated that they consider Sellex as being an innovation-driven company as their core strength.

He further said that in five years they aim to be a leader in the technology and engineering industry by focusing on their customers, employees, growth and innovation.

The young men aim to spread their wings across Botswana and the Southern African region, bringing technology and engineering solutions where they are needed while creating value for all the stakeholders involved.

Sellex participated at the Global Expo in 2014 and had positive feedback from potential clients.

However, like many start-up companies, Sellex has its shares of challenges. These include that of getting capital as they’re still looking for funding.

Finding skilled manpower is also a hustle as there are a few skilled people who can deal with new technologies so they end up training their employees or hiring expatriates.

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