Cell phone nightmare! What does the Warranty say?

Most consumers seem to be bothered by cell phones. The number of complaints that reach the Competition and Consumer Authority seem to suggest a growing problem. These phones are now a part of consumers lives and the demand is ever growing and so is the consumer pain.

A number of local cell phone shops, tend to set their own terms when issuing out warranties on purchased cell phones without having regard to what the Law prescribes, as provided for in the Consumer Protection Act of 2018. These varied terms would normally have some shops issue out warranties of a week, two (2) weeks, a month or in some instances, no warranty would be given on a purchased phone. A case in point is when one consumer lodged a complaint with the Authority that within 4 months her phone was freezing. The store that sold him the phone could not assist citing a two weeks warranty. The Authority intervened and the phone was fixed and the consumer was satisfied. The minimum warranty on a new product is six months. Consumers need to be vigilant at all times in ensuring that they observe such conduct.

There is a section on implied warranty of quality for the supply of goods in the Consumer Protection Act. Simply put, this implied warranty of quality is mainly provided for in the Act, to ensure that the products that are sold to the public comply with set requirements and standards.

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