Proper remuneration and learning outcomes

Habouring fears of accusations of ‘betraying the struggle’ and appearing a little more insensitive to the plight of the teaching fraternity, one has always skirted the subject of teacher remuneration and its direct connection to improved learning outcomes.

Today here I am, finding myself so foolhardy as to attempt a direct confrontation with the money factor and its role (perceived or real) on learning outcomes.

Of course, one should tread with caution when dealing with an emotive and sensitive subject such as that of teacher remuneration. I am a teacher by profession and I wish every thing good to happen to the profession that I love.

Editor's Comment
A step in the right direction

That is indeed a welcome development, especially looking at the fact that the manual way of doing things is slowly disappearing and competency in the use of computers and other digital gadgets has become a must.The simple way of looking at it is just an example that almost all companies have gone completely digital and school leavers will be better placed after leaving school, because they will already be familiar with the use of computers.The...

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