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Inside Chellz's Kitchen
Inside Chellz's Kitchen

Our culinary journey has been such a beautiful one. As we close in on the year end, we can’t help but reflect. What really keeps our fire burning is the cooks who attend Chellzkitchen lessons.

Be it physically in the kitchen or virtually where we connect with Mascom MySurf. We enjoy hosting individuals and spending time together, cooking, laughing, sharing experiences and lessons. Our second episode of; Chellzkitchen Cooking with Mascom MySurf hosted Mrs Tebogo Lebotse-Sebego. She was periodically joined in the kitchen by her kids and had one of her daughters Renee as her official sous chef (assistant chef).

One of the things I appreciated most about this episode was how relaxed it all was, something I encourage with our virtual sessions because we are both cooking in our homes or in our comfort zones and are not in studios, therefore one needs to allow for regular household activity to take place without feeling like it may “not be good for TV”. We all have an underlying uncertainty about being in front of a camera and that goes for any camera really.

Whether it be a phone camera or professional videography devices used by the likes of our trusted show producer who goes by ShotbyCXD across the socials. Ka bontsi ba rona ga re itse go shapa di pose. I think our parents had it down to a science because they would grab on to a tree leaf and smile or just lie on grass and it was a picture perfect moment caught in time. We are under pressure with our insta poses and filters...lol. Our session began just a tad late due to early morning excursions but once we kicked off, it was all systems go.

After a personal introduction by our guest cook, I was introduced to her daughter who is a ball of fun, very intelligent and knows her way around the kitchen as her mother attests. We started with making a fun and easy milkshake with Dairymaid Vanilla Ice cream and Delta Fresh. It is a very simple treat for the kids but can be enjoyed by everyone at home. You just add a few scoops of ice cream into a blender then add half the amount of milk and blend for consistency (usually around 10-15 seconds) does the job. Once the kids were preoccupied with their tasty treat, we moved on to our main course but being the senior girls we are, we had to pop some Graham Beck Champagne to toast the commencement of the session.

The main was a star Creamy tomato chicken. While it simmered on low heat we attended to our side dish of a veggie decorated focaccia made with our famous Nutriday two-ingredient dough. You can never go wrong with 2i Dough and I swear by it with all I am. Once you try it out as well, you will never turn back. To tie everything together, a fresh Watermelon salad.

This was a hearty dish that can be prepared for the whole family and I encourage you to do so and kindly share your masterpiece to our Chellzkitchen FB page. We love cooking and bringing people together. COVID-19 tried to put a stop to this, but thanks to Mascom MySurf, great food, good laughs and unforgettable memories are still possible. Creamy Tomato Chicken 1 pan dish is made of tender chicken breasts which cook in a garlicky, creamy tomato bath, and the addition of spinach. Keeping the meal a little lighter and healthier to avoid the wrath of Boago, I decided we should turn to this creamy tomato chicken recipe! Its only 20 minutes to put together - just a single pan full of simple ingredients. Easy, healthy-ish, cheesy, spinach or kale.

Creamy Tomato Chicken


4 Chicken breasts

1 Clove garlic

2 Tbls parsley

1 Tsp Crushed red pepper flakes (optional)

1 Canned, crushed tomatoes

1/2 Cup Nutriday plain yoghurt Parmesan cheese/powdered cheese

2 handful of spinach Basil

2 Tbls tomato paste


Brown the chicken breasts in a bit of olive oil, to give them a nice crisp outside. Set them aside. Keep the skillet warm, and add tomato paste, garlic, parsley and red pepper flakes. Pour in the crushed tomatoes, and get the sauce simmering. Add Nutriday Plain Yoghurt along with some Parmesan and spinach. When the spinach looks wilted, add the seared chicken breasts back to the pan, and cook until the chicken is done!

Serve! We like to top the finished chicken skillet with cheese and fresh basil.

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