ButlerÔŅĹs tenure thus far: the good and the bad

The progress of the senior national team under the tutelage of Englishman Peter James Butler continues to evoke mixed reactions among football loving Batswana. Without a doubt he is under the microscope and the jury is still out. Success in football is mostly measured on results and at the moment, results are not coming.

However he is still relatively new and is been given a chance to prove himself. Having said that, time is ticking and he cannot use the ‘I’m building a team’ line forever. At one point, that line will pass its sell by date and we will demand results.  After all football, at senior level is not about ‘building’ but about results.

I will however give him the benefit of the doubt as there hasn’t been much ‘building’ at junior levels. Ideally, the U20 and U23 teams are used to ‘build’, expose and prepare players for the senior National team. Unfortunately that is not the case here in Botswana as we tend to ‘build’ at the senior national team. And that is rather cock eyed. That being the case, and results aside, Butler has made major strides forward. Atleast now, it looks like everyone has a fair chance and fair crack at National team selection.

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