Of Landlords & tricky tenants

If you are a resident in the capital city, then you will know that contrary to popular belief, the biggest problem in this city is not water and electricity shortages but accommodation! While some of us have already come to terms with the water and power shortages and even adjusted our lives to the situation accordingly by way of candles and extra buckets, the issue of accommodation is one that seems to have no permanent solution.

If ever there was any group of people that deserve to be labeled as ‘incarnations of evil’, my colleague told me the other day, it is the landlords. Several days later when he returned from his emergency leave, he had a story to tell and his hilarious story involved his landlord locking him out of his own house, a fist fight, a visit to the hospital and moving out under the watchful eyes of policemen.

It is not uncommon to see cars loaded to the brim, with household stuff, especially at month end. Now there is something about month end that excites people and the last place you would want to be at month end in this city, is on the road or at the malls. People buy goods, groceries and even furniture and research carried out by some local economics months ago revealed that most Batswana buy on impulse, that we even live beyond our means. It is only when you see brooms, mops and even buckets hanging from these particular trucks common at month end that you realize that these are no ordinary shoppers but tenants, forever on the move.

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Are police trigger-happy?

Unfortunately, that day turned sour for those who were shopping at Sefalana Cash and Carry in Gaborone West Industrial.The exchange of fire that ensued between members of the Botswana Police Service (BPS) and robbers who had allegedly robbed a G4S cash-in-transit vehicle left two civilians dead, three robbers struck down, and an undisclosed number of citizens wounded.One deceased civilian is reportedly an employee of the Citizen Entrepreneurial...

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