Cheating; An Art Or Just Mischief?

Whether we want to admit it or not, cheating is an inescapable part of the human condition. Some of us are more comfortable than others acknowledging this fact, but it’s still a fact, plain and simple.

There’s no shortage of people who like to claim that they lead lives above reproach. You know the type: holier than thou, seemingly honest, quick to tell others when they’re straying off the path, certainly not likely to identify themselves as cheaters. But they are. We all are. Everyone is guilty of telling little white lies or devising secret ways to get ahead when the right moment arises. It doesn’t matter if you’re fibbing a little so that your wall-eyed colleague doesn’t feel bad (“No, really, no one can tell”), or if you stole a recipe to win the county bake-off just once. Even if you’re usually on the up-and-up, those little lapses land you squarely in cheater country. Despite our best efforts, we’re all cheaters in our own ways!

Still think you’re not a creepy little cheater? Are you shaking your head as you read this and saying “Oh, no, I’d never do that!” Think again. Remember that semester when you got your college roommate to write that homework assignment for you, how he even mistakenly typed her student ID on the sheet instead of yours? How about when you weren’t really cheating on your significant other because you were “on a break”? That’s right, you were cheating. And don’t even get started trying to justify that time you claimed your dog as a dependent on your tax return. That was cheating too. Getting away with it, whatever it may be is still cheating.

Editor's Comment
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