Does Botswana need a standing army? (Part 1)

The debate over the need for military institutions has raged around the world in the past with pacifists voting for a no while pecimists accept the idea of growing a military. Each individual country has its own security needs and that is dependent on several factors existing in their environment.

This raises the question of whether Botswana needs a standing army. I spend a good 20 years as an officer in Botswana’s military and for the number of years I spent there, I am completely convinced that Botswana does not need a standing army.

In Part 2, I will argue for the need for a standing army and for me that is being a devil’s advocate. In the following episodes subsequent to that, I will bring a discussion on how we could trim and equip a lean defence force. Botswana government took a decision to establish Botswana Defence Force (BDF) in 1976 and implemented through an act of parliament the following year.

Editor's Comment
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