We have to respect office of the Presidency


Fellow compatriots, we never thought it is necessary for us to be involved in judicial matters as we thought they are mechanisms in place to offer remedy to any matter that may arise concerning this institution unfortunately we are astound by recent events and the fluid situation we find ourselves in as a nation, some trends that are developing indicates that we are slowly and surely loosing touch with our Respect (Botho).

Most words like crisis, madness, witch-hunt, stronger men than institutions are the order of the day.

Fellow compatriots, we should ask ourselves one simple question. What is at issue? Four people have benefited from a sum of close to a million pula. The second question is, was this benefit lawful? If yes, no issue to be discussed. If no, a disciplinary hearing should be appointed. What type of hearing is required and who is responsible for putting together such an inquiry? We have asked these questions to clearly define the premise on which our discussion will be based.

We talked about respect for office of the Presidency, our belief and understanding is that this is the highest symbol in our land that clearly demonstrates our unity in diversity from different tribes that form this great nation.

Therefore, we need to defend this symbol  at all costs. Abusing and demeaning a Head of State occupying that office is lack of respect and appreciation of this great office.

 It is common knowledge that people occupying that office will come and go. This is a fact because ours is a real democracy. The question we have to ask is, has President Khama appointed an unlawful tribunal? If yes, which requirement has he not fulfilled? If no, what is the issue because the President has executed his mandate as per the constitution of the Republic?

We are perturbed by these issues of lack of respect for others by some fellow compatriots who are using the freedom of speech and association as a weapon to demean and ridicule others without advancing good reasons for that.

We are a nation built on a strong foundation of Respect it is our sincere plea and hope that as citizens of this great nation we will pause for a moment and reflect on our culture and think positive, the kind of a nation we want our children to embrace and what about the unity and respect we inherited from our grandparents. Ideologies have to be promoted in the spirit of respect. It is humane to differ, but differences should not be a gateway to lack of respect. We have to excel in our belief within the foundation of our culture.

Our view with the current problems besieging the judiciary is clear. The judiciary is not in a crisis, or abnormal. What needs to be done is to institute a disciplinary hearing to determine whether the benefit of close to a million Pula was lawful and if not the law should take its course.

We have to differ with some fellow compatriots who have labelled this issue as an administrative lapse.

As a nation we need to remind ourselves about these key issues besieging our country.

l Unemployment is high within the Country for both graduates and others.

l We have Internship with pays only P600 because of lack of resources.

l We have projects which were shelved because of lack of resources.

We hope all of us will unite behind our vision of a prosperous, proud and united nation

Gibson Matenge

Billionaire Consotium

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