Union leaders’ dishonesty and selfishness exposed


I have read with interest the accusation and counter accusation of union leaders which appear on first page of Mmegi Monitor of Monday 25 May, 2015 under the heading; BOPEU Elbows Motshwarakgole at BURS, on page 2 of Mmegi of the 25 May 2015 under the subject heading; Manual Works Vows to Fight Motsamai.

There is a saying that goes, “Dishonesty is short lived” no matter how long you can betray the liberalisation of the working class, the truth and in particular the whole truth will always come out. I am convinced that what the two Gentlemen and/or Union leaders of repute have so far disclosed publicly and in particular to their members with good standing, is just the tip of the ice berg, more is still to come and it seems that each of them is ready to disclose the other’s dirty tricks and deals that they had during their good times when they form BOFEPUSU. Quite honestly, the destiny of labour movement in Botswana is assured and I expect a new chapter in the liberalisation of the workers and the working class in this country

It will be so interesting if progressive leadership jointly (BOPEU and MANUAL WORKERS UNION) could shed more light on what transpired during the bargaining process in 2011 until the recent ones in 2015, because it seems the truth has always been concealed to members. One will also expect the two heavy weights to shield more light about their Unions’ massive wealth, their lavish lifestyle and the recruitment process at their union offices which is alleged to be done on tribal line and on friendship.

Editor's Comment
Happy Independence!

We are 56 years old and what do we have to show for it? Looking at where Botswana started and where it is today, there are a lot of developments, but whether the developments match the number of years we have enjoyed as a country is a topic for another day.The fact that cannot be denied is we have seen major developments, but we are still lacking in several pertinent areas.Our beautiful country imports almost everything. We import fuel, food,...

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