Unearthing the primordial roots of men

No. There is no need for one to reach for a pair of spectacles. The spelling “m’en” is exactly as intended.

In all my unearthing of the ancient roots of “men”, of peoples, even of Setswana, I have not encountered a more misunderstood and misapplied word. Today, we clarify this key word which reverberates in both secular and biblical history; a word that, once again, cannot be fully unpacked without Setswana.

The perfect start-off point is the Pre-Flood Sumerian Kings List. Sumer – now mostly Iraq – was the site of the oldest known civilisation with arguably the oldest known writing: cuneiform. Cuneiform was etched onto soft clay tablets that were then baked for preservation. Some of them were written six thousand years ago and more – long before Genesis was put together. They recount events right at the dawn of civilisation: a time, they allege, when flesh-and-blood gods ruled our planet.

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Shame on the Police!

According to a press statement from the police, unidentified armed men attacked on duty police officers at the station in the early hours of Tuesday.During the attack, the suspects stole 14 riffles, five pistols and an undisclosed number of ammunition.Although unconfirmed, it is alleged that the suspects were just carrying knives and axes, which they used to scare the men and women in uniform before they took them hostage to help themselves to...

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