Pain Is In Its Nature Temporary- Embrace It

Sometimes in our lives, clouds gather to strike and change the atmosphere of the skies.

During their summit, clouds wear a gloomy garment and their anger is demonstrated by roaring and snoring voices; thunder. The lighting stretch like a punishment whip lashed on the back of a poor slave by a ruthless Master.

Hey! It is just a storm, do not panic. It may be the most excruciating moment of pain in your life but very soon the sun will send its rays to pierce through the skies and you shall be bright again.

If there is something we try to avoid in our lives is pain but it is inevitable. It leaves us exposed to an emotional state of vulnerability; emotionally taunted, weak, fragile and with shame scavenging over us like vultures waiting for an ailing animal to die.

We feel like our beautiful worlds are about to or are crumbling and everything we worked hard for is falling apart within a blink of an eye. We lose our self-worth and nothing around us excites us anymore because the pain sells us the negative feedback only.

Thus, our perceptions are fouled with. Sweetness is replaced by bitterness.

In the course of the era of pain, our cheeks develop the Okavango Delta because of the tears which unfortunately we sink into due to the effects of pain and lack the strength to swim back to the surface where we could vividly see the shores of relief and rest. It is since we easily surrender to the climate of hurt and worry a lot.

Worry births no confidence nor esteem on one’s self-efficacy and shuts the eagerness and zeal to find a solution to the pain. It stains our hope. Hope is the foundation of optimism which gives traction to our resistance to pain, patience, perseverance and resilience to overcome it.

We need to be mindful that pain is very seasonal therefore, it is temporary. Each season comes and goes in order to pave a way for each to serve its mandate. Winter withers nature because the leaves are old to sustain the demands of the greenery while autumn makes the leaves fall and sweeps away the fallen yet dead leaves.

Spring regenerates the greenery and fruits whereas summer provides adequate light to grow the greenery and fruits. Pain is a season with purpose thereof in your life. You will never know and/ or realise your potential until you have experienced pain nor would you gain any wisdom until you have been through pain.

Pain peels off our eyes; maturity and positions you in places of favour since you will be all knowledgeable on how to handle opportunities.

Even though it is temporary, it can also be permanent. This is determined by how one approaches the experience. You need the courage to accept and adjust to the fact that indeed it is happening to you and you are the best candidate for it, no one else. It happens so that you become a better version of you.

It is a testimony that you are amongst the living because there is no one at the cemetery who can say they are undergoing it on their graves.

Pain is not punishment but rather an elevation that promotes you spiritually, emotionally, physically and psychologically.

Pain is the food that is ought to build our strongest mental state ever. Therefore, it is necessary for each and every one of us to have a share of it. It enhances our liveliness, character and attitude. It sequences our emotional composition that would ultimately produce a perception we have about life and certain incidents surrounding us. We may either be negative or positive about our way of life.

Negativity is often subdued if the person is unable to withstand the effects of pain they are undergoing and loose heart to fight and conquer it. On the other hand, positivity is earned when we face the pain and conquer it because each time we face new challenges confidence erupts when we bear reference to what was in our past and how we managed to win it. Pain builds a strong self-efficacy if we understand its function in our lives.

Embrace every pain you go through and seek to understand the lesson it is teaching you because beyond it, greatness awaits you.

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