My Dear Idol, Guma Moyo

Guma Moyo
Guma Moyo

My Dear Idol Guma Samson Moyo. You may not know me, because you and I travel different paths in life. You, the rich and powerful, me, something else. I grew up admiring you, like everyone else as young as myself.

Your stories about your amazing success in life, how you easily make millions in Botswana, left me with nothing but admiration. I would later in life learn of how your cash power literally built the BMD machine when you became one of its founders. stories of how your cash power would literally deliver the BDP central committee results were also legendary, as I recall how you singlehandedly influenced the Botswana Democratic Party Kanye congress results and the Maun results where my mother was among the hooipoloi who sang; mama ntshware nna ke sia le Matebele, after you dashed Mma Venson’s political aspirations, with your amazing cash power. I must say I felt very bad when I learnt that my idol's bank account had been frozen. For a moment I said maybe is the tax issues, but when I read that also your traditional business partner has found himself in the same situation as you, my ears started flapping, I m telling you. I keenly kept tabs, and learnt of how you told the media that you will not discuss the matter because of a disclosure agreement you have reached with the Directorate of Public Prosecutions. You then started acting crazy. My idol announcing your intended resignation as Member of Parliament without really meaning it. Just so you know, it doesn’t read nor sound like a bombshell but rather more of a scarecrow meant to test political waters and begging for attention and sympathy if not engineering some media distraction from the shenanigans bedeviling you. It appears your bank account was frozen almost 2 months ago and one wonders why you did not at first go public when you first noticed your bank account had been frozen. I must add that I got angry when I learnt that you had chosen to fight secretly and quietly until some inquisitive reporters picked the issue. Well, maybe such a reporter never really picked the issue, maybe you deliberately leaked the issue. I have painfully learnt over time that such attitude and habits are within your reach. I have sadly come to the conclusion that you are a fraudster who master minds the seeking of sympathy from unsuspecting innocent citizens. I have looked up to you for quite some time and admired your engagement both in politics and business. I must point out that I now view you differently. I view you differently from all those corners of life. You have never really went public as to why you abruptly resigned from the BDP chairmanship position. The grapevine is pregnant with allegation, possibly very much founded allegations of how you used your power to influence the outcome of BDP internal elections. Some allegations go as far as your relationships with some criminal elements who are feared to have a potential of not only destabilising the BDP but the country as well. I have to also point out to you that you have abused my trust and my idolising you have brought nothing else but pain and agony. I feel ashamed.  As for my mother, I don’t know how  she is feeling about all these things about you, she is also your number one fan.


Well, maybe it’s a personal matter, but again; how is it not expected to be personal when you have not only fooled me but my own mother who sang ‘ mama ntshware nna ke sia le Matebele’ thinking that you are what you were purporting to be. Sometimes our naivety gets too extreme, imagine a guy like you who had to resign from the assistant minister position because of serious allegation of economic misconduct, a guy like  you who is known to have so much money and considered a big business man yet no one is exactly able to define the business that you are engaged in. I was wondering about such just this past week and  how I have not been able to ask myself what exactly is it that Samson Guma Moyo does for a living except from benefitting from my tax which he rakes in as parliamentary salary and allowances.


You have saddened those who saw in you an idol, You have fsadenned our parents.or should I say you have fooled them. But fortunately you have not been able to fool the law. The law has frozen your accounts and you somehow expect some form of mercy from the public. The public that you have continuously lied to. The public that you have continually fooled. Stop playing tricks and shouting that you will resign while at the  same time you put together some form of a delegation to meet the President of the land to resolve your economic issues. If you really mean it when you say you intend to resign, why don’t you just resign just as you have resigned before from the BDP and founded the BMD which you heavily funded? You want the President of the land to intervene on your legal brawls with the law? That is very wrong. The law must be left to handle criminal suspects such as you. The judiciary must be independent as it has always been. The  law should not be changed to comfort a criminal suspect in you. It is not for the first time that a citizen bank account has been frozen. The presidency has never been assigned a delegation to handle such matters; the law has always been left to handle such matters. Stop behaving like a spoilt brat because you have never been one. We all know that you come from humble beginnings and made your way up the ladder as a debt collector who apparently used so much force to be feared by those owing your clients. You also in the process forgot the might of the law which has now come to your door step. Handle the problem Guma, like a man that you always want to be seen to be. You want to resign from parliament? Please do and stop making too much noise about it. We are used to you resigning, you resigned from cabinet, you resigned  from the BDP to form the BMD. You also resigned from the BMD to re-join the BDP. You contested the BDP chairmanship which you won through all forms of things that are far away from being ethical. You also then resigned from the BDP chairman position. You now lament that you intend resigning from parliament. That’s who you are. You are a guy in pursuit of resignations. You are waste. I am blaming myself for having idolised you.


Marcus Otsile Bafitile Mmopane

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