Christianity has gone to the dogs

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Men of God are ominating the headlines for all rong reasons. Penuel Mnguni, 24 year old leader of End Times Disciples Ministries in Pretoria, declared a snake a bar of chocolate for the congregation to eat.

Still in South Africa, Prophet Lesego Daniel of Rabboni Ministries commanded his congregation to eat grass all in the name of God. Later on, he ordered them to drink petrol assuring them that it would taste like Fanta Pineapple.

In Nigeria, a self-styled 53 year old pastor impregnated more than 20 members of his congregation, including several married women and young girls, claiming that the Holy Spirit told him to have sex with them. In Zimbabwe, Robert Gumbura was convicted for 50 years for raping six members of his congregation.

The media in the country quote Gumbura as having said that he had wanted to have 100 children with his female congregants. Another charismatic preacher, Uebert Angel, once raised more than P2 million during a ‘miracle money’ crusade in Gaborone.  In Brazil, Pastor Valdeci Picanto told his congregants that his penis was blessed and consecrated by the Lord with the ‘divine milk of the Holy Spirit.’

According to the report, the pastor had oral sex with his congregants until the Holy Spirit came through ejaculation. After all, one wonders what is going on with this Christian religion. It is because of this curiosity that many of us who are really concerned about the religion we so much love have to speak out. It is for this genuine reason that it will be wise to trace the origins of Christianity.  According to the book of Acts, the Christian church was established on the day of Pentecost, the church then referred to an assembly of people.

This assembly of the 120 followers of Jesus was called the church of Christ because earlier on Jesus had promised that he will build his church on a rock.

The church of Christ’s mandate was to teach biblical doctrine, providing a place of fellowship for believers, observing the Lord’s Supper and praying.  Each congregation was autonomous and had its own elders and deacons. As the church began to spread across the Roman Empire and many parts of Asian minor, Christianity was perceived as a threat in the region. By then many people in the Roman Empire were pagans who subscribed to Mithraism. The small movement that started in Jerusalem as a Jewish cult was attracting thousands of followers. Christianity was then declared an illegal religion in the Empire and those who subscribed to it were severely persecuted.

When Constantine became the leader of the Rome Empire, he legalised Christianity.  Christianity became the official religion of the Empire. In order to entice many of his diehard pagans to Christianity, Constantine made critical changes to the original messages recorded in the Bible. It was under his reign that festivals like Christmas were celebrated and the Sabbath day was changed from Saturday to Sunday.

The founding principles and Christian doctrine were distorted to please the pagans. In a nutshell, Christianity was hijacked by opportunists sadly at its infant stage. It is quite evident that this religion was engulfed with a plethora of problems. Time and again, Apostle Paul had to write epistles to different congregations in order to address these problems. Failure by the authorities to address the burning issue of denominationalism has added fuel to the fire.

Today we have hundreds of thousands of Christian Churches each with different practices and beliefs. Many people are in a state of confusion as they do not know which church is the true one.  After the establishment of the church of Christ, thousand years later, the Roman Catholic Church became the offshoot of the former, bringing many new things such as Latin mass, purgatory and transubstantiation doctrines and Catholic schism.  Later on the church invented other things such as indulgences, sprinkling replaced immersion for baptism, auricular confessions and the pope was declared infallible.

 Apostle Paul predicted that there will be apostasy and Jesus talked about the rise of fake pastors who will mislead millions of people driving them into the kingdom of darkness. The original message preached many years ago by Jesus Christ and early disciples is gradually fading away and Christianity is surely facing extinction.

The mandate of today’s church is to manipulate innocent and gullible congregants for monetary gain and sexual exploitation. Surely the once revered religion has gone to the marauding dogs masquerading as man of God.

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