BMD's Open Letter to President Mokgweetsi Masisi on Kang and Palapye Brigades


The Botswana Movement for Democracy write to inform you about the plight of students at Kang and Palapye Brigades respectively. We thought you should know, that whilst you are busy competing with former President Ian Khama on who is more qualified to be a better leader and who is not, public service, which is the primary purpose of Government business, is at halt.

This has been your trend, your trademark and your identity image. This has been and continue to be your primary purpose. Your primary focal point has never been to serve Batswana. Your focal point is to justify that you are much better than former President Ian Khama. We wish to remind you that Ian Khama is a retired elder. We remind you that, it is of no value to this nation to witness a serving chief civil servant, being you the President of Botswana, engaging full energies on ego-based battles with a retired elder.

We at the BMD, are specifically in this context and content; worried, and disturbed by tertiary education, in particular; Kang Brigade and Palapye Brigade. We inform you Mr. President, as you seem not aware. That whilst you are busy competing with a retired elder, as to who should attend which event and who should not, that 4th year students at Kang Brigade and Palapye Brigade respectively are writing their theory examinations in May, and subsequently their practical examinations in June this year, and yet they are still without lectures, in the literal sense.

Because we at the BMD, are a Government in waiting,  we find it duty bound to inform you that, whilst you are busy competing with a retired Ian Khama, on who has the best grip of the ruling Botswana Democratic Party, your  Minister of Tertiary Education, Research, Science and Technology; Honourable Thapelo Olopeng, is completely; education clueless. Honourable Olopeng has no idea that at both Kang and Palapye Brigades respectively; 4th year students preparing to write 2019 examinations on; Enterprise and Carpentry and Joinery NCC are literally and completely without lectures. We confirm to you Mr. President that you have succeeded in neglecting your duties as state President. You have not had the time to supervise your cabinet as what is of outmost importance to you, is engaging on a battlefield, with a retired elder.

We at the BMD thought you should know, that whilst you are busy competing with former President of Botswana, on who is telling the truth and who is fabricating, on the internal affairs of the ruling Botswana Democratic Party, that your Cabinet Ministers, in particular Honourable Thapelo Olopeng, have opted to go on holiday. In addition, that this scenario essentially endangers the future of the students, the young population and this nation. We continue to be worried that our education system is unable to produce quality material, and we are far-fetched from correcting that if your primary purpose is not service to this nation, but a battle of egos with a retired elder who essentially is using your love for attention to amuse himself.

We inform you whilst you are competing for attention with a retired elder, that the students at Palapye Brigade have since the beginning of the year been  on boot camp and being exchanged by the Botswana Police Service and Botswana Defense Force on some physical training gymnastics whilst their examinations are this coming May and June. These students Mr. President shall NOT, both in May and June of 2019, write any examination based on police and or military syllabus. These students are in urgent need of lectures and not physical training.

We call upon you Mr. President, to rise to the occasion and instruct your Cabinet Minister, Honourable Thapelo Olopeng, to attend to the plight of 4th year students at both Kang and Palapye Brigades respectively. Those students need, on an urgent basis, lectures and all the support they require to prepare for their examination. Failure to provide these students with lectures and the support they require is essentially denying them a right to education. At the end of it all, your Government is producing just another generation that will be dependent on social security nets instead of being meaningful contributors to the economy of Botswana.

We at the BMD also inform you that, though on this occasion we are writing to you deeply concerned specifically about the students at Kang and Palapye Brigades respectively, we are reliable informed that this situation is not unique to these two Brigades. What is even more disturbing is that your Cabinet Minister, Honorable Thapelo Olopeng, does not even have an idea that Brigades fall under his Ministry, or that they exist at all. But it becomes difficult to blame him, he is equally all like all your Cabinet Ministers busy picking sides and ululating within this newly found  platform of ego battle between you and a retired elder.

We apologise for reminding you of your duties, and for reminding you that, the primary business of the Government is at halt whilst you are still busy entertaining your ego with a retired elder. We remind you that the attention you are giving a retired elder is unnecessary; it is a waste of public coffers. We remind you also that it is essential that you separate internal BDP ego battles from the purpose and role of Government’s business, which is service delivery. Not all Batswana are BDP members and or are interested in the internal bickering of the ruling party and thus it is wrong, at all fronts, to compromise them, compromise service delivery, on the basis that you are still busy proving to a retired elder that you are better than him, for whatever intends. We remind you Mr. President, that though you are all the same and that you are all BDP, Former President Khama is retired, and you on the other hand, are still have to prove yourself.  We stand in solidarity with the students of Kang and Palapye Brigades respectively; their plight is our plight!

Yours in Liberal Democracy, 

Mk. Nehemiah M. Modubule


Email: [email protected]

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