Left-handed people are special!

Left-handed people are usually perceived as “the odd one out” or queer. Apparently left-handed people make up just ten percent of the global population. There are many negative connotations associated with the phrase "left-handed": clumsy, awkward, unlucky, sinister and malicious. Black magic has also been referred to as the ‘left-hand path’.

It’s evident that there’s an agenda against left-handedness!

A few days ago, I read an article by Thapelo Otlogetswe in his Linguistic Chair column titled, ‘The left-hand is for wiping the bottom’. He wrote that the left-hand is considered “unclean” because it is used to wipe the bottom after defecation. He cited examples of how Biblically ‘those on the right inherit the kingdom of God while those on the left depart into damnation of the everlasting fire.’ He also described the left-hand, as letsogo la molema the most diminutive hand. “You neither write nor eat with the left hand unless o le segole, the kind that should be left to die in the evil forest at birth’ Uhu? Heedu, tleke Serowe! 

Editor's Comment
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