Masisi turns to Bazezuru for BDP support

Bazezuru at a BDP rally. PIC KENNEDY RAMOKONE
Bazezuru at a BDP rally. PIC KENNEDY RAMOKONE

PALAPYE: As the 2024 General Election campaigns heat up, President Mokgweetsi Masisi has been making significant strides with the African Gospel Church members, also known as Bazezuru.

Over the weekend, dozens of Bazezuru expressed their support for Masisi and joined the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP). Although the Bazezuru haven't been prominently visible in Botswana's political landscape, President Masisi has engaged with them since 2019, when he attended the launch of Ignatius Moswaane in October of that year. Images of the President singing with the Bazezuru touched many's hearts and he has since continued to engage with them. With elections looming once again and a strong determination to reclaim constituencies lost to the opposition in 2019, particularly in the Central region, Masisi is actively recruiting Bazezuru into his party. Masisi has been travelling across the country, addressing star rallies and meeting with Bazezuru and their church leaders. Last weekend, he met with Bazezuru in Palapye and Serowe, where they turned up in large numbers.

In Palapye, after meeting with Bazezuru, the President joined them in a special performance. They sang for him and his party and then paraded with red umbrellas. Masisi called on the Pastor and his congregation to fill the grounds, demonstrating the BDP's commitment to inclusivity. "It isn't like they weren't welcome in the BDP before. We are showing seriousness and we have them here to show that. Please embrace them wherever you are as democrats," Masisi said. "They work hard with their hands and are very obedient. I want you BDP members to embrace them and copy some traits from them. Most of them have registered to vote. Those who didn't register also promised to campaign and win Palapye for us." He added that Bazezuru promised to recruit others and promote the BDP, even amongst those in the opposition.

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