Masisi, Khama feud divides nation - Guma


The aspirant presidential candidate for Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF), Samson Moyo Guma has cautioned that the feud between incumbent President Mokgweetsi Masisi and former president Ian Khama should not involve Batswana.

He encouraged the duo to stop using State resources to fight their war. Moyo also said it is time politicians use rallies and other platforms to address bread and butter issues that Batswana need to hear rather than running around and addressing Masisi-Khama issues. In an interview with Mmegi, Moyo indicated that it is time Batswana to stand up on this issue without taking sides and tell Masisi and Khama to stop their ugly battles. “The Masisi-Khama feud is affecting the peace and tranquillity of this country, both directly and indirectly.

Re tshwanetse go ba kgalemela botlhe (We need to rebuke them to end this). This is our country that they are tarnishing. They are both wrong; we don’t want to hear their stories because it's clear their issues are personal but they use State resources to fight their own battles.

There is a way issues affecting the elderly are supposed to be addressed not in this manner,” Moyo said. He, however, said the issue is even fuelled by some politicians who keep on speaking about the matter at their rallies and in the end forget to speak about important issues. He said, instead, they should speak about the abuse of the authority because both Masisi and Khama are not the country. Moyo said both Masisi and Khama know what they are fighting for but they cannot disclose that to the public while they know that their misunderstandings are dividing the nation.

The former legislator revealed that it is sad for the country since two old people who many respect and expect to lead are now fighting and their rivalry is dividing Botswana into two. He continued: “The fight is influenced by us politicians without considering the future of this country as these fights have now got out of control.

These fights might lead this country into a civil war if nothing is done about them. I don't think Batswana are ready for that.” Guma said Khama must also be careful about some advice that he gets from some people who never help him or his family when they are harassed. “I know the pain Khama is feeling because I have passed there and it is not a good feeling,” he said.

On the issues of opposition parties, Guma said what they say in their political rallies should be about why they should be voted for against other political parties not making defamatoy statements, which might put some members on the wrong side of the law especially under the Maisi government. Moyo said BPF should be an alternative for Batswana and stop internal wars because that will derail them from their main objective as a party. He, however, said they should differ with Masisi but respect him since he is the President of the country and the BPF should be seen as a unifying factor.

He said insulting Masisi and Khama should stop and all parties must talk to their members that they should respect the elders. He pleaded with some opposition members to stop using the Masisi-Khama issue as a campaigning tool. He said they should be seen to be different from the ruling Botswana Democratic Party since some of the members seem to be happy about what is going on between Masisi and Khama.

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