Khama throws down gauntlet at National Council

Ian Khama
Ian Khama

Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) president Ian Khama told his party members on Friday at their party National Council (NC) meeting that they cannot afford to be divided and need to adopt a collective political posture in all its operations and outlook.

“We should use the opportunity of meeting at congress and this NC, to address past and present challenges, so that going into the future, we have common denominators in the governance of these electoral processes that have always caused divisions.

“We should work hard to bridge political differences between us emanating from systems adopted to improve and advance our internal processes,” Khama said.

He urged party members to stay focused on the party interest rather than personal interests so that various elective competitions for party leadership positions do not lead to deepening divisions between party members. 

The party president said recent times have shown that because of personal differences with others, candidates opted to get at them by voting for the opposition.

In addition, the party president said upcoming congresses should be used as an opportunity for reconciliation, introspection and extensive debate of the party political programme.

“We should go back to basics of building our structures and ourselves into a team. We have to reassure Batswana and affirm to them as fact that there is no alternative and that we are still best placed party that can move Botswana forward.” He said if there are no structures, then there is no party.

He asked members to remember that their party cannot do well in 2019 without the support of everyone who loves it.

He said a political party is what it is because of strong and wide membership.  He asked them to desist on attacking each other, adding that such attacks showed immaturity. He told the members that he would visit party leaders in different areas to check if indeed the party existed in those areas.

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